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  • You are welcome Alexander, hope you enjoy your journey. Thanks for the friend request. 😊
    In the Bonds of the Order. Peace Profound
  • Welcome Frater! As a member, you are welcome to attend convocations at the Valley of the Sun Pronaos. We meet 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month at 11:30 AM. 16027 N 25th St, Phoenix, AZ 85032. I hope we see you soon!

    Peri Raygor
  • Thank you for your friendship Alexander. We're glad to have you with us, my friend and fratre. May our combined light shine bright enough to illuminate humanity for generations to come. You'll do great. Welcome home.

    Peace Profound!
  • Welcome to AMORC . We are honored to have you join us. Many of your questions are answered as you review the material under the Introductory Monograph section. The New Member Manual is filled with information regarding our studies. Also be certain to check out the link provided below for answers to frequently asked questions.

    There is a "How To Study Your Lessons" video along with a message from our Grand Master and Imperator on your membership statement page. Additionally, our Grand Master has a series of teleconferences that can be found in the same section that the monographs are posted; there are several videos dedicated to commonly asked Questions and Answers.

    I have also included a list of links to Commonly Asked Questions (like chakras vs. psychic centers, vowel sounds, creating your home sanctum, visualizing your version of the Celestial Sanctum) . These links will provide you with articles in our Rosicrucian Digest, excerpts from text, (etc) to answer these questions often asked by new members. I hope you find this helpful in the next few months of study.

    There is so very much to explore on our website, books free for download, videos, we even have our own YouTube channel. As time allows review of the Events icon will provide you with a list of teleconferences conducted online and at our affiliated bodies.

    No rush, take your time to explore, the amount of material available for your review will keep you busy for much time to come. Allow your inner guide to lead the way. May peace fill your heart.

    Here is a list of links that might prove helpful titled, New Members, Commonly Asked Questions:

    Peace Profound,
  • Welcome to AMORC Alexander.
    Best Wishes for Peace Profound.
  • Hi Alexander,

    Welcome to the Rosicrucian Community!

    A few key points to remember are:

    1. Relax, everything happens slowly - a rose doesn't bloom overnight.

    2. Don't neglect the beginning exercises. Although they seem simple, they are important. All the exercises are important and get more involved as you progress over the years. Many of the exercises build on each other and parts will be added on later.

    3. Enjoy it and don't get discouraged. Some exercises will seem easy and some not so easy. There are some that I still can't complete. The main thing is that we try, not that we succeed. We are all different and at different stages of evolution so nobody will have the same journey as another. On a Mystical level, progress is made every time we try an exercise, even when we don't realize it.

    4. The important thing is to keep moving forward and not get behind. Progress is important.

    Things can seem a little overwhelming in the beginning but don't worry, everything is explained as you go along. As a matter of fact, the whole program is designed to get you thinking. It's a time tested approach and it works. Just relax and everything will fall into place.

    This is a journey that you will need to complete on your own; of course talking to people can help but the main thing is the alchemy that will be happening inside you.

    The philosophy will be explained as you get deeper. It's common for people to want to know it all right in the beginning, but that's not how it works. Be patient and everything will fall into place.

    Hope this helps ~ relax and enjoy the experience!

    Peace Profound!
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