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  • "In all periods, and in all cultures, men and women have lived at the margins of their “world,” and have chosen to push back the frontiers of the commonplace and break through into the mysterious. These individuals have asked themselves fundamental questions, the same ones that still occupy our minds. Where does Humanity come from? What is the reason for our existence? In what direction, and towards what goal, are we heading? Those who have asked themselves these questions have had what may be called a “mystical awakening.” Such questioning has often been experienced, but is only rarely spoken of, for fear of being judged, misunderstood, or even ill-treated; but on occasion it has managed to make real sense for those I shall call “free souls,” among them Rosicrucians, now, just as in the past." Christian Bernard
  • “The time has come when merely reading about the mystical life has lost its value. We must become involved and dedicate our lives to some useful purpose or the opportunities of a cycle will pass us by. Whatever our goal in life, whatever our desires for achievement might be, the mystical life can make these possible. Living in harmony with the Cosmic reveals talents and abilities we little realized we possessed. We find that our minds and consciousness are uplifted and charged with a power and desire to succeed in all we do, and our hearts and total beings will be filled with a spiritual love for all humanity. Our thinking will be broader and our sympathies and feeling of compassion will grow stronger. Life will bring greater joys and happiness and we will sense a divine purpose for our mission in life which will bring the greatest gift of all.” Rosicrucian Manuscript
  • "As mystics we do everything that we can to cultivate and maintain four primary virtues, and thus warrant being called a mystic: understanding, service, compassion, and love. These virtues all flow into one another, and end up merging into a perfect unity and forming one entity, thus moving us closer to the “Rose-Croix” state. But the road is long, and the ascent an arduous one, with its tests like so many stones on the path. Willpower, perseverance, and trust are three further virtues that need to be manifested, if we wish to achieve our spiritual elevation. We can do this together under the aegis of the sacred symbol of the Rose-Cross, and thanks to all the experiences – pleasant and unpleasant – that we have already lived through, and will continue to live through. This choice is ours, for we have our free will." Christian Bernard
  • "True humility is not a sign of passivity. It is not a submission to the forces that oppose the essential needs of life, of self. Neither is humility an indication of personal weakness. The humble person realizes that there is no singleness to life. We are not isolated beings any more than a healthy cell is in a multicellular organism. Intelligent restraint so evident in humbleness is recognition of that Greater Self that must be served. This Greater Self is not an abstract, esoteric concept, or, a mere ideal. If humanity is a living social organism, then each human is a cell in that organism, the Greater Self. Aggression exercised solely for the needs of the Individual Self is a malignancy that can destroy the totality upon which all humanity depends. No aggression can advance us so far personally that we no longer need that sympathy and compassion which humility engenders." Ralph M. Lewis
  • Hello everyone, I am new to this path and just starting out on my work. I live down in Washougal WA(Near Vancouver, Wa). I would love to meet up and or do virtual meetings with anyone else in the area.
    • I am in the process of setting up a virtual meeting with interested people. I will keep you up to date
    • Thank you! I will keep on the lookout for that.
  • Hello. I just moved (3 months ago) to the Seattle area. I want to start a local group or help get a local group started. I have reached out and have the information needed to start one and what is needed
    • Hello, David.

      I will send you an email with some specifics.

      Sincerely and Fraternally,
      Bill Hallett
      Grand Councilor, Rocky Mountain Pacific Northwest Region AMORC
    • Thank you for your continued support. I have reviewed our original email and am now ready to proceed. My wife was very sick and she took priority
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Michael Maier Pronaos

Hello,Is the Michael Maier Pronaos still active and, if so, how can I find a schedule? I am just entering the Temple degrees and would love to expand beyond my own sanctum. Thank you and Peace Profound to all fratres and sorores everywhere,Jeremy Bell 

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1 Reply · Reply by David Lee Padgett Jan 23

New to the area

Greetings Fraters and Sorors, My wife and I just moved to the Olympia area a few months ago. We were actually members of AMORC in Colorado several years ago (in the late 90's and early 00's) and recently renewed our membership. We are looking forward to coming back to active service and meeting some folks at MM Pronaos. I was curious about the Pronaos itself - how active it is and how many members there are. It seems like we live almost exactly halfway between Michael Maier Pronaos and the…

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5 Replies · Reply by SongOfTheSun (Ben) Jul 20, 2019