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  • Thanks frater Frank

  • Frater jonathan,

    If you click on the Group link at the top and then select  Rosicrucians of the District of  Columbia you'll see a calendar. Select the + sign by the weekend you would like to attend and you'll see a schedule of events.



    Frater Frank

  • My appologies Dr Franck I could not make it yesterday Sunday. Couls tell me the schedule for this week end please?

  • Hi Frater Jonathan,

    Below is the schedule for tomorrow. 

    Please be sure to bring your credentials (Dues receipt, etc.).

    Convocation is at 3:15 PM. The Lodge address is at the end of the post.

    Sunday February 23, 2014

    10:00 AM 10th Degree Forum

    11:00 AM Rehearsal 11th Degree Initiation

    12:30 PM 11th Degree Initiation

    03:15 PM Mystical Convocation

    04:30 PM Social Period / Refreshments

    Best Wishes for Peace Profound,

    Frater Frank Hutchinson

    Atlantis Lodge, AMORC

    4839 Meade Street, NE
    Washington, DC 20019
    Phone: 202-396-7548

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