Welcome to Rosicrucians in Quebec!

We don't currrently have an English-speaking Rosicrucian group meeting in Quebec, and if you would be interested in assisting us in starting one, please contact quebec@amorc.rosicrucian.org

We do have quite a few French speaking groups, which are listed below. 

ln the Montreal area there is the : 

Loge Poseidon, 707 Préfontaine Street, Longueuil, Quebec  

Pronaos Atlas 6110 Gouin Boulevard West, Montreal, Quebec 

and in other regions, there is the: 

Pronaos Lumière de l'Est, 1323 Grégoire Street, Sherbrooke, Quebec lumieredelest@rose-croix.qc.ca 

Pronaos Harmonie, 331 Labelle Street, St-Jerome, Quebec

Pronaos Renaissance, 2292 La Jonquière Street, Trois-Rivières, Québec renaissance@rose-croix.qc.ca 

Pronaos Pyramide, 3023 boul Wilfrid Hamel local 200, Quebec City, Quebec pyramide@rose-croix.qc.ca 

Pronaos Rose de l'Est, 767 Chemin d'Aylmer (Aylmer sector) Gatineau, Quebec rosedelest@rose-croix.qc.ca 

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