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Martinist TMO - Associate Degree Initiation

The Philadelphia Atelier of the Traditional Martinist Order is scheduled to have the Associate Degree Initiation on Sunday, November 12, 2017 starting at 1PM. This initiation enables you to attend degree appropriate conventicles and classes at Martinist Heptads and Ateliers.


 Philadelphia Atelier, TMO

 8458 Frankford Avenue

 Philadelphia, PA 19136

 In order to take the Associate Degree Initiation you would need to be both an up-to-date Rosicrucian member (any degree level) and a TMO home study member and have submitted an application for the initiation. If you are not already a Martinist, you can join as indicated above at www.martinists.org. It costs $75.00 to join.

 Also, the Philadelphia Atelier will be starting an Associate Degree class for new TMO members in January, 2018. Martinists who have had the Associate Degree initiation in a Heptad or Atelier are eligible to participate. The class will run for two years and is tentatively scheduled for the first Sunday of the month at 4 pm. (Some exceptions apply, you will be provided with a schedule.)

If you are not yet familiar with the Martinist Tradition, or would like more information, you can request  "The Light of Martinism" a short booklet on the Tradition and its history, at www.martinists.org

For more information on the Associate Degree Initiation or upcoming classes, please contact the Philadelphia Atelier at Pennsylvania@amorc.rosicrucian.org.

Also, once your application for TMO membership is approved, or if you already are a Martinist,  please contact us at  Pennsylvania@amorc.rosicrucian.org to register and submit an application for initiation if you wish to be initiated into the Associate Degree on November 12, 2017. Please include the following information in your email:

  • your name

  • AMORC key number

  • date your AMORC dues are paid up to

  • TMO Key ID

  • Date your TMO dues are paid up to

  • telephone no.

  • email address

We would appreciate your contacting us by October 21, 2017 with the above information, if you wish to register for the initiation, to allow sufficient time for completion and return of the application form. There is a $15.00 fee for the Initiation to cover the cost of the regalia.


To take the classes in January you will also have to join the Philadelphia Atelier. The classes cost $80.00 per year or $25.00 per quarter. To advance to the next degree you must complete all 22 Associate Degree Classes (some absences may be allowed.)

Looking forward to welcoming you into the Light of Martinism!

TMO Application for Temple Initiation 1994.pdf

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