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A tale of Two Rings.

Well 34 years after the fact, I set about to get a Rosicrucian Order Past Master ring. 

I had looked on line on eBay from time to time.  I actually bought one for Soror Michelle on eBay a few years ago to replace her Past Master ring that was stolen f

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Zoom, backdrops.

Just for fun, I try to come up with a different background for the weekly Department of Instruction Teleconferences.

This was my latest one, for the presentation “Initiation Into Sovereignship”.

From the description of the presentation:
“…we explore the

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A Winter Time, project!

A photo from ten years ago. If I were to re do this image, I would use a different font.

I did a series of photos on Light, Life and Love, using these candles with Light, Life and Love in different languages around the World.  It was quite exstensive,

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