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Alchemical Growth

Hamilton Pronaos is hosting a workshop on their Annual Mystical Day on Sept. 23rd, entitled ALCHEMICAL GROWTH. This is a very engaging subject for Rosicrucian students. What does everyone alchemical growth is?

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The year 2012 is upon us. How do we make it out duty in the new year to serve society, uplift mankin  and help relieve human suffering within our own sphere of influence? Comments are welcome.

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Our Actuality and Reality

We have a concept of ourself as an outer being and some experience of our inner self. The outer part of ourself is the actuality and the inner self is reality. Actuality comes from time, memory patterns, reason and will. The inner self is light, immo

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If My Tree Could Talk

I live in the city.

The tree on my property (actually the city part of my property) is officially tinder wood. I found out after having it cut back that the city does not allow it's trees to be cut back without permission. I had the work stopped and a

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