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Hello Fratres and Sorores of AMORC, I ask does anyone have a good copy of the the “Schematic of Mental Process” it was included with the previous version on Monographs, they could share with me?

I used to have 3 or 4 copies of it, but I am not finding any of them. I would like to use it for a Toronto Lodge AMORC Teleconference presentation in January of 2024.

I have received a PDF from Australia, but it is missing a page. It is not the page that is in the Rosicrucian Manual.

If you can it can be sent by Messenger, Text, or E-mail, I can prove my Membership to you.

Thanks! Frater Douglas Hatcher12293345676?profile=RESIZE_710x

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  • That is good news - came on to say I would be happy to mail you the copy I found in my archives - so instead - once again and many years later - will delve into the pamphlet myself.

    Peace and LLL

    • Hi Soror Kathy if you have the original coloured version I would certainly like a copy of it.  The PDF sent to me is just black and white.  

      I recall trying to scan it but it would cut off text.  So thank you if you can, thank you if you can't. 


      I wil PM my e-mail.


      Frater Doug


    • Yes, it has prompted a review of Degree 2, current version.  

  • Thanks everyone Frater Jack Blaylock has come through in Spades. He went above and beyond by delving deep into his archives! Thank you Frater Jack!

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