The first night of Hanukkah, the Jewish people’s celebration of the Festival of Light. I did this in support of a Jewish Family, who have chosen not to display a Menorah in their window this year, out of concern for rising Anti- Semitism where they live.

Also in support of all who face Religious Persecution.

I misquoted Doctor Lewis, his words are
“Whenever the universal mind of man agrees upon any feature, principle, law, or doctrine, it is mystical. If it was not created as such, it becomes so through the concentrated adoration and reverence for it.”

He continues, “Many things in our life are not sacred because God made them so but because man’s reverential attitude and idealistic motives made them so by continuous thought and widespread adoption.”

Christmas has a Mystical Meaning.
H.S. Lewis

Happy Hanukkah to all.



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