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Gadgets and Intuition

Gadgets and Intuition.


I like gadgets, and nifty things.  When I learnt a year and a half ago there were Dimmer Light Switches and Light Switches that could be worked via Wifi, and from all the iDevices, iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch, and even Siri by voice command I was all over them.


In a short time a combination of 9 Dimmers and Switches some of them 3 way were and installed, and after some early familiarization pains they were all on line and working.  I even had some installed by a Licensed Electrician.


Now some are not perfect and can be a source of irritation, in that if the power flickers, or the Wi-Fi Modem is re-booted, or for no discernible reason they have to    Be re-connected to the Wi-Fi.  Yet some reconnect automatically, but they are not Dimmers and are not in the main living areas where Dimmers are most used.


Another reason for getting them beyond my gadget fix is a family member has mobility issues and I thought would be a way for the lights to be controlled with out having to get up and physically control the Dimmer or Switch.


But for some reason I wanted all bugs to be sussed out before introducing this Gadget  advantage to them, then I just never got around to it because it was just as easy for me to control them all, from all the different devices.


In the intervening time between getting them and learning and using them I became pretty proficient in keeping them online, and their idiosyncratic glitches, and sometimes re-connecting.  A few times I had to reach out to a manufacturer’s tech support for the Dimmers


So from my Apple Watch or iDevices I was the lights controller.


At the beginning of this month every switch was off-line, even the ones that self connect, this had never happened before.  WHAT???!!!  Is Going On???


I tried everything I had learnt about getting them back on-line, no luck, I even deleted them from the App and tried to re-enrol them, nothing.  I even reached out to my Rep, nothing!


I tried over numerous days, tried re-enrol them, delete them, try to add again, tried deleting then re-installing the App, nothing.  Then some of the auto-reconnecting ones re-connected.


Einstein’s definition of insanity was ringing loud and clear in my mind.  That definition is “Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome is insanity.”  I even contemplated removing the Dimmers and Switches even given their much more expensive cost, I was going to prevail.


I had given up on them, even to the point forgetting about them.


Around the 19th of December in the morning having a coffee, my little voice simply whispered “try the lights”!


Now I will be the first to admit I have ignored this voice before, and I have learnt that what usually follows is the realization “I should have followed my intuition.”  I call this my “Should Lesson”!


In this instance I immediately tried re-enlisting the lights to our WiFi, and one by one Dimmers and Switches after another connected and was controllable from all devices.  YaHoo!  Controllable Light, where and when I wanted it.


Then after Christmas, the realization that I was still the only one who knew how to control them with the multiple devices, even by the voice, time to enrol another Light Gadget Controller.


So how do I enrol someone else to work them from their devices, as that was part of my original plan.


A couple of days later, again my small voice caused me to realize to try a different App for the self connecting lights, and there was all the Dimmers and Switches on this App, and all I had to do was invite the other to the App.


So all systems are GO, how do this relate to mysticism?  I think we can see that working to make something work, and putting in the work, to trying everything , when it is a wholesome endeavour, benefits more than just one person, and causes harm to none and violates no Cosmic or Spiritual Laws and is not Karmically prohibited can activate the subtle promptings of Intuition, and shows the results that can happen when we follow the promptings of Intuition.


Now I realize this is a low level example, but the efficacy of Intuition can not be diminished, and can always be applied to all we do especially as our efforts are more than for just ourselves and follows the criteria outlined in the paragraph above, and align with the always positive promptings of the Soul.


I will include the ROSICRUCIAN GLOSSARY definition for Intuition.


Intuition:  Intuitive knowledge is that knowledge which appears self-evident and which flashes suddenly into the consciousness and about which we entertain no doubt.  It is the intelligence of the Cosmic Mind, resident in the subconscious, which periodically enters the objective mind as a complete idea commonly called a hunch.  Intuition is an expression of the Cosmic Consciousness in man through the attunement which the Inner Self has with the Universal Mind.


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