Another Big Production Day for Frater Doug!  Why not!.  

Rented a car to go to Toronto Lodge, AMORC for the First Sunday Convocation, followed by the Artisan Class. 

I also worked in a stop at IKEA, in North York to pick up some wonderful large white pillar candles for when I get around to doing the "Light, Life, and Love, 2022 Redux Project.  I pose the candles with the text "Light, Life, and Love in as many languages as I can.  The wording in different languages is to be  supplied by AMORC Members around the World.  

I had been looking for suitable candles for a while but with no luck.  Hearing the tail end of an IKEA TV commercials was all it took for Intuition to say check IKEA and bingo they had what I was looking for!

Travel time from Lindsay and the IKEA stop still left lots of time to get to the Lodge and find the all important "Parking Spot".  

Had a pleasant re-acquaintance with Soror Gail Douglas who I first met while serving as Deputy Master, R+C 3339.  

The Mystical Convocation was the highlight for me courtesy of the most beautiful delivery of the Matre's words by dear Soror Carole.  Her gentle delivery had me momentarily suspended in that "pristine mountain spring" gently sparkling "more" in harmony with the ebbing and flowing, beautiful and subtle mystically nuanced delivery.  

I had forgotten the simple but sublime beauty of the Artisan Class Ritual.  I will admit I must have skipped that discourse.  

After the Lodge visit I drove to Newmarket to meet up with my brother Bob.  We had an early Christmas gift exchange and a light supper.  


Then the drive from Newmarket to Lindsay on the country roads.  Driving a front wheel drive rental car with no snow tires in a snow storm is not recommended, and something on I won't do again, anytime soon!  I skidded right past a turn as the all season tIres were totally useless.  

Home again, safe and sound!9882868883?profile=RESIZE_710x9882868898?profile=RESIZE_710x


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