A tale of Two Rings.

Well 34 years after the fact, I set about to get a Rosicrucian Order Past Master ring. 

I had looked on line on eBay from time to time.  I actually bought one for Soror Michelle on eBay a few years ago to replace her Past Master ring that was stolen from our house. 

It sort of slipped my attention that member rings are avaliable from MTM Recognition, so I set out to have one custom made. 

I got two prices and decided to go ahead.  I supplied Soror Michelle's Past Master ring as a model, paid a deposit and started the process.  

The very next day, I came across a Past Master ring on eBay from a seller in England.  It was cheaper than what the custom ring was going to cost, so I bought that one.  Even with the cost and the amount of the deposit it was still less than the custom one would be. 

I told the jeweller to put the ring on hold.  But the next day, I said what the heck, I will still have the custom one made.  I deserved something new and unique.  

Then the design process started.  I gave up on having them do the image of Akhenaton on the one side of the ring, because it kept looking like "Raffiki" the baboon from The Lion King.  

I decided just to have the AMORC symbol on both sides of the ring, with a Triangle on The Divine Plane, and a Triangle on the Material Plane just above the symbol.  

Then a little flash of inspiration came to add two tiny rubies, one to each centre of the Cross within the symbol.  


So from no Past Master Ring for over 34 years to two in a month and a half.  Soror Michelle is going to call me "Ringo"!9903006075?profile=RESIZE_710x9903006096?profile=RESIZE_710x9903006680?profile=RESIZE_710x9903014062?profile=RESIZE_710x






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  • I would normally post this on the Rosicrucian Facebook pages, but another post about rings brought unsolicited requests to give people things. 

    One such request came from Cameroon, to give a Member Apron to fellow for Christmas.  

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