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We have four affiliated bodies in Ontario: Toronto Lodge in Toronto; Cosmos Pronaos in London; Hamilton Pronaosin Hamilton; and Trillium Pronaos in Ottawa. 

You can find their schedules, locations and contact information at Rosicrucians in Ontario

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  • "Mysticism teaches cosmic laws and principles by which we are brought into closer consciousness of our divine power. The mystical experience of union with the One imposes upon the mystic a moral obligation — to use this knowledge for the welfare of others." Rosicrucian Manuscript
  • If we can align ourselves with the principles of justice we will be working in harmony with cosmic laws. And as a result of this, we will experience greater balance in our lives. - Rosicrucian Heritage
  • Hello guys nice to meet you all . I'm new member of the order, live in toronto and i would like to meet some people from toronto area . Thank you :)
    • Frater Arthur, it will be a pleasure to meet you as well
  • Live in the Light that manifests and reflects. Live to celebrate the Life, both within and without, that is the source of all Light and Love. Only by contemplating the afterlife as an atheist can one be selfless in reverence of the Divine.
  • Morning Prayer

    God of My Heart, in the silence of the day that dawns, I come to ask of you peace, wisdom, and

    Today may I look at the world with eyes filled with love.

    May I be patient, understanding, kind, and wise.

    May I see your children beyond appearances,as you yourself see them, and therefore see only good in each one.

    Close my ears to slander; keep my tongue free of malicious words;

    may only thoughts of blessings remain in my mind.

    May I be so kind and so joyous that all those who approach me feel your presence.

    Clothe me with your beauty, God of my Heart, that throughout this day, I may reveal you.

    So Mote It Be!

    – Prayer attributed to St. Francis of Assis
    • So timely, I needed the inspiration today.
  • Hello, I just joined, from Oshawa ON. Peace Profound!
    • Pleased to have you journeying with us, Frater Christopher. Welcome!
    • Welocme to the Ontario group Frater!
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In honour of all Mothers, past, Present and Future.

In honour of all Mothers today.There has to be Égrégore formed by the collective minds of all Mothers past, present and future. It would feature thoughts of nurturing and fostering the seed of life, and the protecting and guiding, raising and most importantly loving the life expression brought forth.Two of the gentlest Mothers I was blessed with experiencing were my own late Mother Isobel and later my late Mother-in-Law Faith.To all Mothers thank you for your most vital participation in…

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Memorial Service for Soror Faith Brown, May 1, 2:00pm, Toronto Lodge AMORC

We will be celebrating the Rosicrucian life well lived and exemplified by my late Mother-In-Law Soror Faith Brown by having the Rosicrucian Memorial Service in her honour, today at Toronto Lodge AMORC at 2:00pm today May 1, R+C 3375.Soror Faith was a member for over 65 years. She was a Regional Monitor Emeritus, Grand Councillor Emeritus, Past Master, Administrative Officer and presenter of any presentations at AMORC functions.She passed last April, but Covid-19 and its restrictions on travel…

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