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We have four affiliated bodies in Ontario: Toronto Lodge in Toronto; Cosmos Pronaos in London; Hamilton Pronaosin Hamilton; and Trillium Pronaos in Ottawa. 

You can find their schedules, locations and contact information at Rosicrucians in Ontario

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  • Once you begin holding only good thoughts about yourself, your neighbours and the whole world, you will stop mentally poisoning yourself and others.
    – The Beacon, “Mental Poisoning and Black Magic”, December 2022
  • Does anyone know of a Canadian supplier for a portable/travel sanctum? It seems that Agartha doesn’t ship here.
    • I am not sure what is available, but you might try the Domain of Lachute. They order from France but are located in Quebec. Worth a try.
  • We are already one and we imagine we are not.
    And what we have to recover is our original unity.
    - Thomas Merton
  • Thank you for sharing these inspired "reminders"!
  • May the atmosphere we breathe
    Breathe fearlessness into us:
    Fearlessness on earth
    And fearlessness in heaven!
    May fearlessness guard us
    Behind and before.
    May fearlessness surround us
    Above and below!
    - The Vedas (translated by Raimundo Panniker)
  • If you want to know others, begin by knowing yourself, because everyone is a mirror.
    -Louis-Claude de Saint-Martin
  • "If one asks what Wisdom is; you shall respond by not responding at all."
    -----Louis-Claude de Saint-Martin-----

  • What hinders us from seeing and hearing the Creator, is our own hearing, seeing, and willing; by our own will we separate ourselves from the will of the Creator. We see and hear within our own desires, which obstructs us from seeing and hearing beyond our own nature. – Jacob Boehme
  • There is a voice that doesn’t use words. Listen! - Rumi
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Gadgets and Intuition

Gadgets and Intuition. I like gadgets, and nifty things.  When I learnt a year and a half ago there were Dimmer Light Switches and Light Switches that could be worked via Wifi, and from all the iDevices, iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch, and even Siri by voice command I was all over them.  In a short time a combination of 9 Dimmers and Switches some of them 3 way were and installed, and after some early familiarization pains they were all on line and working.  I even had some installed by a…

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