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  • Grant me to be beautiful within, and all I have of outward things to be at peace with those within.
    - Socrates
    • We are all beautiful within,
      lest we be not at peace with those things outward,
      and hence inward,
      of our own decree,
      judements and prejudices.
      As Above, So Below...
      --Someone, somewhere, who has studied AMORC's teachings
      God Bless Socrates and let us all know our own Inner Light!
    • Well said! So Mote It Be
  • Study is the conscious effort to learn; the pleasure to be gained is a
    secondary motive. - Validivar, Whisperings of Self
    • So true Sister Helen...
      thought you might appreciate this quote:

      "Books are the windows of the truth, but they are not the door; they point out things and yet they do not impart them. It is within that we should write, think, and speak, not merely on paper."
      -----Louis Claude de Saint-Martin

      most sincerely,
      Brother Jules (TMO)
    • Thank you for this Brother Jules. Excellent quote and so very true!
  • We cannot teach people anything; we can only help them discover it within themselves.
    - Galileo Galilei
    • Thank you Sr. Helen. This is beautiful. The roadmap is already within us all.
  • From Facebook. The Peace Profound image can be found under Photos.

    Encountering Peace Profound.

    I am quite sure every member of A.M.O.R.C. Is very familiar with the signature statement for every official communication we have received and that closes every Monograph sent by our Order.

    That signature statement is “With best wishes for Peace Profound,” It is also used by members and even none members especially on Social Media sites. Far too often for my liking it is reduced to PP, or P.P., or p.p., or pp, p p, P. P. and even other variations. My feeling is if it means that much to you, take the extra few seconds and take the time to think it, feel it, vibrate with it, and reinforce it by using it appropriately and typing it out fully. But that can be a topic of its own.

    From the ROSICRUCIAN GLOSSARY A Key To Word Meanings
    Peace Profound: “The harmony of man’s accord with the Cosmic which brings a warm glow of contentment throughout one’s whole being. If we have truly gained Peace Profound within our minds, we are able to face all changing conditions with a philosophic and detached attitude.

    Happily for myself yesterday I had the occasion to encounter a man who to me personified Peace Profound and to a degree that his Aura radiated it, to the point I felt it as it impinged on my Psychic body and then realized.

    Where did this happen you may well ask? Was it in a Temple, a Church, a Mystical Retreat, a lecture on mysticism, a Mosque, a Synagogue? Or was it experiencing Peace Profound so intense it was impressed onto the Internet and expressed by one of the many mystical sages one can and does encounter on the World Wide Web?
    No to all it happened at a scrap yard.

    To make a long story shorter, I will simply say the attendant who greeted us at the gate and then directed through every step of the scrap yard experience was one of the most pleasant, profound experiences I have experienced, and it still resonates with me a full day later.

    From the first moment to the last he was the most polite, most courteous, most clear to understand, most sure to make sure that I got paid for my scrap metal. I told him I didn’t even want money, I was happy just to get rid of the metal things from my Father-In-Law’s house. But he insisted I go over the weigh scale to get the pre-metal drop off-weight, and the after drop-off weight. The difference between the two weights determined the weight of my scrap @ the $ per pound amount.

    After the first weighing he directed me to the bin where the scrap was to go. When I was out of our SUV, standing beside him, I said to him you are the friendliest, kindest person I encountered in a long time. I probably even complimented him more because it was genuine and sincere and sort of effusive.

    Standing beside me in his full on scrap yard worker attire, hard hat, huge safety boots, heavy duty overalls, and a bright orange safety vest with the full compliment of reflective tape, amidst the mud, noise and seeming chaos to my mind of the scrapyard, he looked sideways and said “isn’t everyone like that?”. Then he winked.

    The metal drop was finished, then he thanked me! Then again told me exactly where to go to get my payment, with my full benefit in mind.

    I went into the office trailer, and the clerk already had my money ready. As if by reflex I proudly told her of how amazing the attendant was, how he was an asset to the company, etc., etc. I can really build up a full head of steam once I get going. She looked at me and replied in a very few words but ones that totally summed up this man. “Yes, he is great!”, anymore words were just not necessary.

    As we were driving away I mentioned to my daughter former Colombe Tanith who fully helped load up and unload about my experience, she agreed. We drove off, happily knowing we had another load to bring back to the scrap yard. The second time we left he said jokingly, punctuated again with a wink, “now you have your beer money for the weekend!”.

    To my mind this man was experiencing and radiating Peace Profound there in the scrap yard. I feel that this is not just his work persona, but it springs naturally from him and would be the same under any condition or circumstance he is in. It had to be his way of being, you do not turn on and off that effect on people, why would he. I feel his character and soul personality and Aura demonstrated the philosophic and detached attitude mentioned in the definition above.

    I don’t usually type this much and I was inspired to shorten it this morning after being in our Sanctum. I was also inspired to be more like that mystical man in the scrapyard.

    There in the midst of the dross of scrap metal I experienced Alchemical Gold personified.
  • And a woman, who held a babe against her bosom said, Speak to us of Children.
    And he said:
    Your children are not your children.
    They are the sons and daughters of Life's longing for itself.
    They come through you but not from you,
    And though they are with you yet they belong not to you.
    - Kahil Gibran, The Prophet
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Rosicrucian Deep Breathing, my routine.

Good morning!  I have been doing this routine for some time now in The Sanctum in the morning. (I will use -ve /+ve to represent Neutral polarity,  -ve to represent Negative Polarity, and +ve for Positive Polarity.) First, I do five minutes of Rosicrucian Deep -ve / +ve (Neutral)  breathing, to establish a baseline -ve / +ve polarity through the psychic body, and body. Second, I follow it with eight minutes of Rosicrucian Deep -ve breathing. This is done to establish the -ve condition…

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Past Master Pendant

I did not know Soror Michelle even had this pendant.  She relayed every Past Master was given one.  Obviously it was stopped as I did not receive one.  That is okay. If anyone deserves it is Soror Michelle a three times Past Master. 

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The rancour of Angels!

Last night during the end of the Zoom presentation by Toronto Lodge AMORC (if my future posts mention Toront Lodge AMORC, I will instead use T.L.A.). Fair warning. Our Soror said near the end "the rank and order of Angels", I misheard and thought I heard "the rancour of Angels". My only experience with Angels has been with the Christmas Decoration type, never noticed any rancour from them.  They must rank high in "rank and order". I just as easily could have heard ut as "the rank and odour of…

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