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We have four affiliated bodies in Ontario: Toronto Lodge in Toronto; Cosmos Pronaos in London; Hamilton Pronaosin Hamilton; and Trillium Pronaos in Ottawa. 

You can find their schedules, locations and contact information at Rosicrucians in Ontario

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  • I have a question on a couple of exercises that are in atrium 1 neophyte section, i dont think i should just ask on here though cause im not sure if anyone on this group hasnt made it that far yet so is it alright that i message someone who has experience and past that section?
    Thank you
    Peace profound
    • Hi, I just edited my comment, the Group is “PRonan’s of the Temple”
    • Even my correction is wrong “ Pronaos of the Temple”!
    • Lol
    • Gotcha, lol i did know what you meant, got a few replies already
    • Hello Frater, there is Group in this Community “Pronoas of the Temple” it is very well moderated and has lots of questions from newer Members. The answers are Monograph based. I suggest you give that a try! Sincerely and fraternally, Frater Doug
    • Thank you frater Doug, ill do that
      Peace profound
  • Grant me, O LORD, heavenly wisdom, that I may learn above all things to seek and to find THEE; above all things to relish and to love THEE; and to think of all other things as being what indeed they are, at the disposal of THY wisdom. - Thomas a Kempis, Mystics at Prayer
  • Question again about aprons, i know now which one to get, theres only 2, the red membership and purple artisan, now on the agartha site you can get the ones from Indonesia for both for 38 or for just the artisan one a higher quality for 60 or something but didnt have the higher quality regular membership one, anyone know where to get the higher quality membership one?
  • This question could probably be answered by any group but i had a question on whether or not clothing with an amorc symbol or logo is allowed? I know the sites for membership related items doesnt have clothing. Before this became a question in my mind i found where one could get things with the symbol or logo on it like shirts or hats or stickers, i purchased a hat and a shirt and a sticker for my car, was super excited and proud and ready to represent amorc, i heard it mentioned after that it may not be allowed to do so, even though excitedand proud i dont want to break the rules of the order im proud to be in, so please shine some light on this subject, thank you, peace profound
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Just a thought on a recent T.L.A. Teleconference

This thought occurred to me during the guided meditation part of the Teleconference "SYMBOLIC IMAGES IN ALCHEMY", the presenter started using terms from the Kabbalah and as I have never studied this before I had no clue what was being referred to, or even why.   Perhaps if terms from the Kabbalah using Hebrew are used add an equivalent phrase or word in English.   Like I said just a thought.  

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An opinion piece arising from a Facebook Thread

We can have privacy in our earthly life by simply pulling down window shades to prevent on-lookers from looking into our home.  In our home simply closing a door provides more privacy, while the door is closed.  Letters can be headed as private and confidential.  Who hasn’t used the door hanger in a hotel that says “Do Not Disturb”/  All these we accomplish with the Cosmic given gifts that come with our mind, brain and body in our daily lives. Now what of this privacy involving psychic…

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A Rosicrucian Digest cover from May, 1934 and a pleasant surprise.

This cover from a Rosicrucian Digest has been in a frame in our Sanctum for as long as I can remember. I took it out of the frame to scan it for use in an answer to a comment question. I was pleasantly surprised to note on the bottom the date, and the inside of the cover to tell me it was an original copy.It is from 1934, and given the subject matter, and the fact my Soror Wife is a Colombe Emeritus, and our daughters served as Colombes I will have it professionally framed, to protect it.Years…

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