Renaissance of Rosicrucianism ?

So many things happening Sisters & Brothers...the Renaissance of Rosicrucianism into the modern world is at hand.

I'm hoping that all of our Sisters and Brothers are enjoying the connection to the Rosicrucians as found on the History Channel " The Curse of Oak Island" ( A tiny island off the coast of Nova Scotia where it seems that Shakespere and Bacon pointed to the source of Templar treasure)

Enjoy & Share

Observer Jules

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  • Hello Sister Judy...

    yes, I am totally intrigued by the whole setting of Oak Island...the dicovering of the Spanish coin of 1600 adds a whole new dimension to the investigation..and of course, the finding the Rosicrucian symbol from Shakesphere is so exciting.


    "Although we are fully  surrounded by "enlightenment" we are still  given the choice, to see & honour this light or to allow the darkness in"... Observer jules

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