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Doctor Dahesh: The Mystical Miracle-Worker of Lebanon
IN THE WEST the name “Doctor Dahesh” is largely unknown, but in Lebanon the name is still a household word, even though Doctor Dahesh died in 1984 in New York City. In Lebanon, even today, just saying the name “Doctor Dahesh” will get looks of surprise and shock from the Lebanese. To them, the name “Doctor Dahesh” refers to the most extraordinary man ever to live in Lebanon: some say he was the greatest magician of all time; others say he was a Prophet, or “Sent One”. Still, others claim that he worked his thousands of supernatural miracles by means of black magic.  Yet, everyone seems to agree that he did things for forty years, on a daily basis, that no magician or holy man have been able to reproduce.
Doctor Dahesh was the pen-name of Salim Mousa Achi, son of Mousa and Shmooneh Achi, two Assyrian Christian immigrants to Palestine in 1908. They came from Mosul, Iraq, at a time when the Turks ruled both Iraq and Palestine. They came at the invitation of Shmooneh’s aunt and uncle, and because Mousa, a printer, was seeking better employment opportunities.  The family name was Aleshiyah, which in Assyrian means “Elisha” like the prophet, of whom they claimed to have descended from. In the 6th century B.C., the Assyrians came to the Kingdom of Israel and took the entire population back to Assyria. Why? The Israelite king was behind on his tribute payments to the Assyrian king.
The Kingdom of Judah, a separate nation from the Kingdom of Israel at the time, was later taken by Babylon after the Babylonians conquered the Assyrians. With the help of King Koresh (Cyrus), the Jews returned to Palestine, and rebuilt Jerusalem and the Jewish Temple. However, the Israelites who went to Assyria never returned, save only a few, who became known as the Samaritans. Most of the Israelites who went to Assyria became “lost” and known as “the Lost Tribes of Israel”.  However, this was not true of the Aleshiyah Clan who knew their Israeli roots, and their direct connection to the Prophets Elisha and Elijah, well.
When Mousa and Shmooneh arrived in Jerusalem, they found much anti-Jewish sentiment among the local Arabs, who were becoming angry about the new “Zionist” movement, which was the movement of Jews into Palestine. Although Mousa and Shmooneh were Christians, and not Jews, they had a “Jewish” sounding last name. So, Mousa decided to change his last name to “Achi” which means “Cook” in Arabic, since he had gotten a job as a cook at the local Presbyterian mission hospital on the slopes of the Mount of Olives.
Doctor Dahesh was born in Jerusalem in 1909 as Salim Moosa Awshee (“Peaceful Moses Cook”), the son of Christian Assyrian immigrants from Mosul, Iraq. In 1910, Halley’s Comet was coming very close to Earth, and many thought it might be the End of the World or the “Second Coming”. The comet filled the night and day sky, and many were in fear because the Earth was going to pass through the massive tail of the comet. During this time young Salim, about a year old, got very ill. His mother, Shmooneh, took the child to the Presbyterian mission clinic on the slopes of the Mount of Olives. She told the American missionary doctor that the child was “acting strange” and making strange sounds. According to Daheshists, the American doctor examined the child and told his mother, in Arabic: “I don’t know what’s wrong with the child!”  At that point, according to the story, the child spoke in perfect English saying: “Give the child such and such medicine, and he will recover.”  Shmooneh and the American doctor were astonished, but, at last, the doctor provided them with the asked-for medicine, and young Salim recovered.
Dahesh grew up in the summer months in Bethlehem, Palestine, with his aunt and uncle. During the rest of the year, Dahesh resided in Beirut, Lebanon, choosing Beirut as his home for most of his adult life. Even in Bethlehem and Beirut, as a child and as a teen, he was known as a worker of miracles. At the age of 17, a company of Assyrian Christians from Iraq were visiting Bethlehem, and were looking for a guide to take them to the Pools of Solomon, a small series of reservoirs just outside of Bethlehem. Young Salim volunteered with his teenage friends, in the hope of receiving free food during a picnic that the Assyrians were holding. According to Daheshists, one of the Assyrians said to another, ‘If Jesus were here today, he would walk upon this water!” Hearing that, young Salim said, “Yes, yes, I can do that!” and proceeded to walk across one of the pools. Assyrian men jumped into the pool to find the “wall” that Salim must have walked upon, but none was found. When this was reported to the group, the Assyrians shouted “DAHESH! DAHESH!”  The word “Dahesh” means “Wonderful” or “Amazing” in Arabic; from that day on, young Salim was known as “Dahesh”.
The Pools of Solomon, just outside of Bethlehem.
The Pools of Solomon, just outside of Bethlehem.
Dahesh made his home in Beirut, Lebanon, at the age of 18, and continued to live in Beirut until 1975. In the 1930s, Dahesh began to write books – many books, writing, all in all, about 150. Most are “parabolic” stories, but some are social commentaries on the times; others are poems or prose works. Five of his books Dahesh claimed to be Revelations from God. They include My TestamentThe Gospel of LoveParadisethe Inferno, and The Book of the Divine Guide. These books are still in Arabic, and not yet published in English. Long excerpts from these books will soon be published in Arabic and English as The Book of Daheshism.
The Temple of Jupiter in Baalbek, Lebenon. Photo by Plamen Matanski.
The Temple of Jupiter in Baalbek, Lebenon. Photo by Plamen Matanski.
Dahesh was the first writer (of which I am aware) to explore the phenomenon of UFOs in the Bible, writing that the “three men” who appeared to Abraham, two of them later visiting Lot and then destroying Sodom, were actually men from another planet. Dahesh also wrote that “people from other higher planets” were responsible for mankind’s evolution, having even, at times, intermingled with human women. Dahesh also wrote that Ezekiel’s “Wheel” was in fact a vehicle from another planet. Western writers may have suggested these things before Dahesh did, but I’m not aware of them. Dahesh also wrote in the early 1930s that the original Temple of Baalbek, Lebanon, with stones weighing tens of thousands of tons, was built by Extraterrestrials.
Dahesh wrote that this planet has had many civilizations before this one, but that those civilizations were destroyed in various ways. Some of his books are “histories” of such pre-Adamic civilizations and how and why they came to an unfortunate end.
‘Paradise’ by Doctor Dahesh.
‘Paradise’ by Doctor Dahesh.
In his book Paradise, Dahesh describes some of the “paradise worlds” which are planets much more advanced than Earth. For Dahesh the “Kingdom of Heaven” is not a cloud where angels strum harps, but rather a group of actual, literal planets where very advanced civilizations reside – civilizations in which inhabitants have the ability to travel to other planets, such as Earth.
In his book The Inferno, Dahesh describes many of the lower “Hell worlds”. Dahesh believed that Earth is a Hell-world, and that there are 149 levels “lower” than Earth. He states that Earth is “the highest type of Hell world, on the threshold of Paradise”. Still, it is a place of punishment for rebellious angels. For Dahesh, humans are animal bodies that have evolved, but our souls are rebellious angels, sent to Earth and other Hell worlds as a form of punishment. Our souls remain trapped in the Hell-world, in an endless cycle of reincarnations in the Wheel of Rebirth, until and “if” we follow THE WAY, and thus escape the endless reincarnations, and ascend to our original home in the Kingdom of Heaven – the heavenly planets where there is no crime, no disease, no war, no violence, no deformity, no tyrants, and no ageing or “death” as we know it. Dahesh teaches THE WAY in his book, The Book of the Divine Guide.
‘The Inferno’ by Doctor Dahesh.
‘The Inferno’ by Doctor Dahesh.
From the 1930s until 1975, according to Daheshists, Dahesh performed thousands of supernatural miracles. He apparently healed the sick, raised the dead, caused the deaf to hear, the blind to see, the dumb to speak, and he cast out demons. There are in fact many Daheshists still alive today who claim to have witnessed these supernatural miracles themselves. It became a right of passage for a Lebanese journalist to visit the “House of Dahesh” in Lebanon, in order to view a supernatural miracle for himself, and write about it in his newspaper.
Logo for the Noble Spiritual Faith of Daheshism.
In 1942 Doctor Dahesh formed his religion, “The Noble Spiritual Faith of Daheshism”. At one time, there were perhaps 40,000 Daheshists in Lebanon, but because of a number of factors including the Lebanese Civil War, there are only about 2,000 alive there today. In 1944 the President of Lebanon, al-Khouri, had Dahesh arrested and banished from the country. Why? The charge was practicing Spiritism: a crime in Lebanon at the time. But Dahesh was not a medium – he didn’t “channel” the dead; rather, he “materialized” the dead in front of people, in broad daylight. Many of the Maronite Catholic clergy, and Shi’ite and Sunni Imaams of Lebanon wanted Dahesh gone. Too many of their followers were calling Dahesh a “Prophet” or a “Sent One”. So, Dahesh was driven to the border of Syria and told to walk. According to Daheshists, Dahesh walked and walked until he was in Iran.  Newspapers in Beirut reported that Dahesh had been killed by firing squad near Tabriz, Iran, having been targeted as a spy, for he had no papers, nor a good reason for being there; they even published photos of Dahesh’s dead body. His main disciples gathered at the House of Dahesh in Beirut to hold a memorial service; but Dahesh walked in, asking everyone why they were crying.
Doctor Dahesh in 1942.
Many Daheshists report they saw up to six Daheshes at one time, in the same place. Dahesh claimed that he had one physical body, but six “spiritual” bodies he called his “heavenly personalities”. He said that one of his heavenly personalities was killed in Iran rather than his physical self. His secretary, a woman named Hilda Nassib, moved to the U.S after 1975, and worked for the Saudi Embassy in Washington D.C. She claims that Dahesh came to see her in at the Embassy one day, and that they chatted for about an hour, and he left. Immediately after he left, she called Beirut to tell the Daheshists who lived at the House of Dahesh about the visit; but when she called, Dahesh answered the phone. She asked him, “But you just visited me here in America so how could you be back in Beirut?” Dahesh replied: “Oh, that was one of my Heavenly Personalities who visited you! I never left Beirut!” Other Daheshists report similar occurrences.
Doctor Dahesh in 1971.
In 1975 the bloody and violent Lebanese Civil War began; Christian against Muslim, Muslim against Druze; one faction against another. Many thousands were killed, and major sections of Beirut were reduced to rubble. Many Lebanese took the war as a cover to enact vendettas, and Dahesh was a target. In Lebanese society, to leave one’s religion was worse than being a traitor, and thousands had left the Maronite Catholic Church, or Islaam, to become Daheshists. Families were outraged, and wanted revenge; so Dahesh decided it was time he left. Dahesh took his vast art collection (he was a major collector of 19th century European Academic Art), his books, and some of his closest disciples to New York City, where he would make his home for the last nine years of his life.
His followers know Dahesh as “Doctor Dahesh”; but he was never a medical doctor, having had only three months of formal education, and no earned degrees of any kind. They called him “Duktur Dahesh”, which in Arabic means “Teacher of Wonder” or “Wonderful Counselor”.
Here are some of the major tenets of “the Noble Spiritual Faith”:

Judged By Works NOT By Beliefs

Doctor Dahesh taught that we are judged not by our beliefs, or by our religion, church, or whichever caste we belong to, but by our “actions”. We are judged by how we treat other sentient beings only, and by absolutely nothing else. We are not judged on how well we know the Bible, or the Qu’ran, or the Torah, or the Talmud, or how ritually “clean” we are. We are not judged by our earthly accomplishments. We are not judged by what day we keep the Sabbath, or by how we keep to the Sabbath or whether we keep to it at all. We are not judged by our religion, or by which church or sect we belong to; we are not judged by what creeds, doctrines, or teachings we accept or reject. We are not judged by our acceptance of the Pope or not. We are not judged by how or whether we keep the laws of the Torah or the Shariah or the Laws of Manu; we are not judged by how well we obey our mortal religious leaders. We are not judged by whether we believe that Jesus is the Son or God or Savior; we are not judged by whether we believe in God, or not. We are not judged by whether or not we believe in Evolution or Creationism. We are not judged by how smart or stupid we are; we are not judged by our knowledge or by our “beliefs” at all.
We are judged solely by how we “treat” other sentient beings. A “sentient being” is any creature that can feel joy and sorrow (i.e. all creatures except for insects and fish–whales and dolphins are mammals and NOT fish). The Atheist or Agnostic who does more “good works” than the Christian or the Muslim or the Buddhist, will receive a much better reward in the Afterlife than the Christian, or the Muslim, or the Buddhist who does fewer good works.
Our current mortal life is our “Day of Judgment” for our actions toward other sentient beings in our last mortal life. Our next mortal life is our “Day of Judgment” for our actions toward other sentient beings in this mortal life. It says in the book “The Wisdom of Solomon”, which was part of the original New Testament cannon “I was born with a healthy body, because I was already good”.  How could anyone be “good” who has not yet been born?  Our “lot” in life, at birth, is determined by our “actions” in our previous life. Our dispositions (beauty or ugliness, heath or disease, poverty or wealth, good luck or bad luck, sound in mind or unsound) for our next birth will be determined by our actions toward other sentient beings in our current life.

Heaven and Hell

Doctor Dahesh taught that “heaven” is a literal “Kingdom” of heavenly planets far more advanced than Earth, and that “Hell” is also a “Kingdom” of worlds which includes Earth-like planets in various degrees of advancement – where the Ultraviolet rays of the Sun “burns” and ages the skin, and where there are “demons” (sociopaths, tyrants, criminals) who torment the righteous; where there is famine, war, injustice, hunger, pain, sorrow, separation of loved ones, ageing, and death; Earth is the highest type of Hell-world – there are many worlds far worse than Earth. Our souls reincarnate in the Hell-worlds endlessly until we are “liberated” and then return to the Kingdom of Heaven. Doctor Dahesh describes life on the Heavenly planets and the lower Hell-worlds in detail in His books.

Evolution and Creation

Daheshism accepts the reality of evolution, but that evolution has been “guided” by higher Intelligences from other planets. “Adam” was not the first human being on Earth, but rather the first “man” with a God-Breathed Soul; “Adam” was not “one” man, but rather a God-Breathed Soul that has had many lifetimes on this planet. During one of these incarnations “Adam” was “Adapa”, the first priest of Eridu, in ancient Superian. In a later incarnation “Adam” was an Egyptian Pharaoh who lived in the “Garden of Aten”; a real walled garden, with a small zoo and fruit trees of many kinds, built about 1350 B.C., in what is know Amarna, Egypt.  It was this “Adam” that “sinned” with Eve by the partaking of “forbidden fruit” (which was not a fig or an apple by the way), causing his soul, and the souls of all Adamites, to “fall” or “die” in the Spirit-World. The Garden of Eden story is based upon this particular incarnation of Adam in ancient Egypt in 1350 B.C, and the foundations of this garden still exist to this day: the Garden of Aten (called Meru Aten) was built south of the City of Aten, which was built by the “heretic pharaoh” Akhenaten.
Anchor Stones on the slopes of Mount Cudi near the Aras Valley.

The Flood of Noah

Around 2800 B.C. a comet hit the Indian Ocean, about 700 miles southeast of Madagascar, sending trillions of tons of water vapor into the stratosphere, which circled the Earth and gradually came down as snow and rain all over the planet. The mammoths of Siberia all died, as did the giant animals of North America; millions died in floods, but millions survived. The Aras Valley in Armenia was flooded by 15 cubits (about 40 feet) of water and torrential rains; but a man called Nakht (Noah) had been warned, so had built a huge wooden ship and secured it to the ground with strong ropes and large stone anchors so that he, his family, and many animals could survive the flood. The remains of his Ark still survive today, along with petrified pitch covered wood, animal dung, and the stone anchors near the slopes of Mount Cudi (“Little Ararat”) in Turkey. The tomb of Noah can still be seen to this day on a hill near the city of Nakhtchevan (“The Place of Nakht”).
The Tomb of Noah (Naxchesvan).
The Great Flood did not kill all humans and animals on planet Earth save Noah and those on the Ark; but the Great Flood (caused by a comet hitting the Indian ocean) did cause the Valley of Aras, which is surrounded by high mountains, to flood, and all life (save those on the Ark) in that “land” (eretzin Hebrew, which is translated as “whole earth” but means “entire land”) to perish. The Hebrew words “whole earth” once translated do NOT refer to the entire planet Earth, but to the “entire land” where Noah lived: the Valley of the Aras River, in what was called the Kingdom of Urartu. The Hebrew Bible does NOT say that the Ark rested on Mount Ararat! It says that the Ark rested on “the high places of Urartu”. The Hebrew word hariym can mean mountains, or hills, or slopes, or benches.
The Flood of Noah did NOT kill all life on Earth save those on the Ark! The flood killed all life in the Valley of the Aras, which was surrounded by high mountains, except life on the Ark. Today this valley is shared by Armenia, Turkey, Azerbaijan, and Iran.

The 24 Sinless Prophets

Daheshists believe that Doctor Dahesh was Number 20 of 24 Sinless Prophets in whom the Christ-Spirit dwelt. The Christ-Spirit is not a man, but the WORD/Logos of God, the Creative Principle of the Cosmos. This Christ-Spirit can “dwell” in sinless Men, who we call “Sinless Prophets”. Jesus of Nazareth was Number One, the “Firstborn” of these 24 Sinless Prophets. In the Apocalypse of John, these 24 Sinless Prophets are called “The Four and Twenty Elders” who sit on thrones, wear crowns, and surround the Throne of God. Any man in whom the Christ-Spirit dwells has “power” over the elements. This is why Jesus, and Dahesh, and all of the 24 Sinless Prophets were able to work supernatural miracles. The 21st Sinless Prophet is due in about the year 2030 A.D; he will appear in Nazareth, Israel, and he will “come down from Heaven” just like the “First Time”, via the womb.

Jesus As Savior of the Soul

Doctor Dahesh did teach that Jesus was the Messiah, the Son of God, and that Jesus’ bloodshed on the cross “saves” all men and women (not just Christians) from soul-death (the Second Death) in the Spirit-World. All men and women are saved from eternal death in the Spirit-World by the blood of Jesus, and this is a free gift of God; for Jesus saved our souls on the cross, and not when and “if” we recite “The Sinner’s Prayer”, and not “when” or “if” partake of the Eucharist; Jesus saved all souls from Sheol (soul-death in the Spirit-World), not just the souls of Christians; for Salvation from Sheol (soul-death in the Spirit-World) is a “free gift” of God to all mankind.
Between the Fall of Adam in the Garden of Aten in Egypt (c. 1350 B.C.E.) and the atonement of Jesus on the cross (c. 33 A.D.), ghosts did not exist, and the dead were completely unconscious (soul-dead) in the Spirit-World. This is why the Old Testament teaches Soul-Sleep. However, since 33 A.D., the souls of the dead have been “alive” in the Spirit-World, and remain alive there today.
Jesus (based on the image on the Shroud of Turin).
Doctor Dahesh.

Liberation from the Wheel of Rebirth

Doctor Dahesh taught that a chorus of angels “murmured” against God in the Kingdom of Heaven, and as punishment they were sent to the Kingdom of Tartarus, otherwise known as the Hell-worlds, and that our souls are these fallen angels. We spend life after life in the Hell-worlds, which are places of pain and suffering and ageing and death, until and “if” we become “liberated” from the Wheel of Rebirth and return to the Heavenly planets in the Kingdom of Heaven. This “liberation” (moksha) from the Wheel of Rebirth in the Hell worlds such as Earth is not a free gift of God, but instead accomplished by walking “The Straight and Narrow Path” which is called “The Way”. Following “The Way” is very difficult, and few will accomplish this during their lifetimes on Earth. Just what “The Way” is, and how to walk it, is explained in The Book of the Divine Guide.

Our Day of Judgment

Doctor Dahesh taught that there is one God, and many types of heavenly beings above angels. He taught that the Law of Karma is operative upon all things, and that we all have many lifetimes on many planets. He taught that “Heaven” refers to heavenly planets and that “Hell” refers to the “Hell-worlds”, the Earth being the highest type of Hell world. There are many, many “lower” types of Hell worlds. Doctor Dahesh taught that our current life is our “Day of Judgment” for our previous life, and our next life will be our “Day of Judgment” for our current life. The “good” and “bad “occurrences that happen to us in this lifetime are our “rewards” and “punishments” for our actions toward other sentient beings in our previous lifetime.

Healing Via the Raamz

A Raamz (Daheshist prayer sheet).
Doctor Dahesh taught his disciples the RAAMZ (“rahmzz”) RITE, by which the Holy Spirit is called upon to miraculously heal others of diseases, disfigurements, and addictions. The Noble Spiritual Faith will produce a Holy Order of “Mothers” and “Fathers” trained to use the Raamz to heal others.
In 1984, Doctor Dahesh died of a heart attack in New York City. He taught that all bodies made of dust must return to dust. His disciples had him buried at a cemetery in or near New York City, the location of which is currently a secret. Dahesh did write in his book “Memoirs of Jesus of Nazareth” that Jesus would return in the 21st century, in the village of Nazareth (a village of Arabic-speaking Muslims and Druze) exactly “20 centuries” after he announced his mission the first time, in the very same village. Scholars think that Jesus announced he was the Messiah at a synagogue in Nazareth at around the age of 30, which would put it at about 24-28 A.D.  He will come down from heaven as he did the first time, via the womb.
The Noble Spiritual Faith is not yet organized. A film is planned about the life and miracles of Doctor Dahesh, but nobody knows when it will be made. Once the film is made and distributed the number of Daheshists will surely greatly increase, and the Noble Spiritual Faith will be organized with a seven-member Supreme Council, and a ten-member Council of Advisors, a Dahesh Relief (to build orphanges and schools), and Dahesh Temples staffed by “Mothers” and “Fathers” using the Raamz. Dahesh Temples will not be places of rites and rituals, but places for healing bodies, souls, and minds. A Dahesh Mission will be established in every country where there is freedom of religion, to promote the film and his books. One day, the name “Doctor Dahesh” will become as well known in the West as it is still in Lebanon today.
For further information about Mystic Dr. Dahesh and the Noble Spiritual Faith of Daheshism, let me know, I will see that you receive a book, written by a close friend and confidant of Dr. Dahesh, as a gift.
....... in Love & Light, Frater Jules.........

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  • The parallel...
    The uneasiness of our time here on Earth as explained through quotes of French Mystic, Louis Claude de St Martin and by Beloved Prophet, Dr. Dahesh (Salim Moosa Achi)
    "Man's head is raised towards heaven, and for this reason he finds nowhere to repose it on earth"
    -- Louis Claude de St Martin-- (aka: Unknown Philosopher) 1743-1803
    "I am a stranger in this world, and great is my longing for the hour of my return to my true homeland"
    -- Dr Dahesh (Salim Moosa Achi)-- 1909-1984
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  • You give such incredible gifts, Frater Jules.  Many thanks, beforehand, for this latest info. I am interested in further info.  My address is; C. Ecker, 116 Commodore Ln, Galax, VA 24333.

    Wishing you L:., L:. & L:.

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