Extra Terrestrials and Reincarnation ?

August 1, 1942 – The First Miracle : The Appearance of the Extra-Terrestrial — A Discussion

We were three at my home in Ras-Beirut: Doctor Dahesh, brother Yussef El Hajj, and me.

It was ten o'clock at night when Doctor Dahesh rose and approached the window, and there, he gazed at the moon.

That's when we heard a subtle murmur reaching our ears. And, lo and behold, a light mist materialized before us and began to shrink, to compress, and to diminish until it revealed a man of an amazing form, whose face was red and sparkled as if it were the surface of a mirror. His size was similar to ours. He approached us and began to speak to us at a mind-boggling speed, but in a tongue completely foreign to what we were familiar with. And in our turn, we asked him to express himself in Arabic; we asked him if he could do so, because we were unable to understand a single word he was saying.

That's when Doctor Dahesh approached him, put his hand on his mouth; he immediately began to express himself in Arabic and in a very clear fashion.

And he said, "I am the inhabitant of one of these worlds that are inaccessible to your human eyes. Once, I was an inhabitant of your planet — and that was thousands of years ago. And — what you refer to as — ‘Death’ befell me … but in reality, death is none other than a passage from one world to another, from one condition into another.

For as soon as I permanently closed my eyes on your planet, leaving behind my body as food for earthworms, I found myself in a world of sublime beauty.”

“If you were to ask the question, ‘How come we, the living and the inhabitants of this planet are not capable of seeing you — you, who have abandoned your material body and is now wearing  a transparent Spiritual body?’ ”

“My answer would be that the explanation would require many volumes and that I would have to remain with you for many long hours — which is not possible because, and already, the hour to leave you is almost upon us. Nevertheless, I will explain a fact and supply you with proof. And here is, then, the explanation:

Each human being possesses two bodies: One material, the other spiritual.”

“As for your Material World, it possesses vibrating waves, similarly to the Spiritual World, which also possesses vibrating waves that are unique to it. But the difference — from the point of view of the speed of vibration — between the vibrating waves of the Material World and that of the Spiritual World is huge.

The speed of the vibrating waves in your Material World is far lesser than the speed of the vibrating waves in the Spiritual Worlds.”

“When (what is commonly referred to as) death occurs in your world, the spiritual body — which represents the second portion of your personal entity — separates from the material body and rises until it reaches the World whose vibrating waves are identical to its own.”

“That is why it is impossible for you to perceive this spiritual body; it is because the organ of sight is under the influence of your Material World whose vibrating waves are too slow by comparison to the Spiritual World — and to the speed of the vibrating waves in this spiritual body — thus the impossibility to see anything whatsoever. As for the proof, and in order to simplify the problem, and so that you are in a position to better understand it, I will give you this following example:

Imagine you are standing in a street and that a car passes right before you, rolling at a great speed. It will pass you without your being able to identify the passengers that were inside the car, and that is due to its staggering speed.”

“But, if you are able to climb inside another car and follow it until you are able to catch up with it — at which point you would be riding side-by-side regardless of speed  — you would be able to perceive those who are inside the other car ... just as they would be able to see you — and that is because your speeds are now identical. Likewise, the same can be said about our ethereal world.

You will not be in a position to perceive it with your eyes that remain subject to the laws of matter and with these vibrations that are far slower than the waves of our Spiritual World.”

We asked him a few questions and received — for each question — an adequate answer.

He took leave of us and began to dissipate little by little before us until he disappeared completely.

His vanishing was as extraordinary as his appearance had been incredible.

The preceding was recorded by Haleem Dammoos on August 1st, 1942

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