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Mystical Miracle Worker


an interesting read for that cold December cup of cocoa, ever,Frater  Jules

Doctor Dahesh: The Mystical Miracle-Worker of Lebanon
IN THE WEST the name “Doctor Dahesh” is largely unknown, but in Lebanon the name is s

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** our connections to the past

**Reminder: Thurs. evening,  Dec 11, 9 PM   EST on-CNN ...Dinosaur  Show....
the lady who discovered this giant skeleton in South Dakota, was our friend & neighbour in the  Bay Islands of Honduras at the Western Caribbean....her name, Sue Hendrickson.

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Renaissance of Rosicrucianism ?

So many things happening Sisters & Brothers...the Renaissance of Rosicrucianism into the modern world is at hand.

I'm hoping that all of our Sisters and Brothers are enjoying the connection to the Rosicrucians as found on the History Channel " The Cur

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simply say: "surprise me"

When making a decision, I relax knowing that every choice offers me a blessing. I do not allow myself to become anxious that one choice will be “wrong” and another “right.” Whether I turn right or left; go or stay; say yes or no, I know, all is well

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