Fraternal Friends at this Worthy Affiliate..... To Serve.....  Seek and You shall find .... How many times do we here this .... Let us expand on it's meaning ....When I have heard this stated was to find some knowledge needed  to solve some personal dificulty  ... but neer the more ....Solutions are not the only thing to be sought .....  The seeking and recognizing of everyday opportunities waiting down each of our Paths on which each of us travel daily ..... Opportunities always await for our inner eyes and ears to recognize and act upon .... If we are too busy thinking about the cost of fruits and personal items ...while shopping we may miss the signals from the patrons next to us .... Be open to those we pass by on the Path   .... We will meet those who need a simple comforting smile ~~~ Their heart may be crying for a kind word ...a gentle touch ..... purhaps something to laugh out loud about .... to remember fondly ... Sometimes We think to hard and somewhat complicated  and that has it's place but in every  day Service to Mankind  better is sometimes simple when each of us wants to make some difference in the world ......Each Chord that is played makes the collective Orchestra Piece .....Remember that Love and Kindness that goes unspent or unshared  ... if you will ... is naught but idle thinking......... Only that shared is real   .... Seek and You shall Find .... Be it Your ever Quest   ... LLL

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  • Worthy Fratre Ken .... A planted seed ...... a moment shared ...... a laugh between two ....A tear that says I care .....A smile simple but true ..from one heart to another .... A gentle touch that says " it's alright' ....A kind word which allows one to hear and respond .... In the Giant Sea of Life .... there are never guarantees for the effort ...... Without the effort ... there is nothing ..... Each in their own time their own fashion ...find the way  from the darkness in the North  to the Light in the East .... Not to my Light  or anyone else's Light ...but to their own Light ... by their Life experience .....and through this way ... Truth is established ... and Truth sets them free to experience Love ....and the Triangle can be realized ......  This the way of the Mystic ....quietly affective......  LLL  
  • I just want to thank you for posting this thread. It is so very true that we need to be vigilant for every opportunity to do good, and that every act of goodness produces wonderful fruit. This therefore, should be before our eyes all the time. It is often quite difficult while being assailed by the distractions of the mundane world, but the further along we assert it, the easier it will become.

    Serene Peace Profound, and L.L.L. to all. Ken

  • Worthy Soror Diana ... Indeed ... Service is a most " Soul Fulfilling Work .... Humans do watch  other Humans interact it may be that actions and reactions are seeds which just may take root ..... in the hearts and minds of others .... often in ways that we are not aware ....... Taking the time and giving forth the effort to respond to another is the Service ..... How the Service is received .....we can not always be assured ..... May not be immediate .... The  effect may or may not be recognized  ...however ...the affect will be planted ... and that is the important fact....  No strings attached .... You are right .... Part of letting the idea ...thought ... wish ....hope .... grow is to let it go  .... It is the only way it can become so .... LLL
  • Thank you for starting this thread on service soror Donna, and hope all here don't mind me dropping in like this!


    As you mentioned, service comes in so many varied forms. It can come as an impulse, and deep urge which suddenly presents itself, or even somthing which needs a bit of planning, but comes from the heart. The key to true service is not to let our brain and ego step in the way... True service is performed with no expectation for a return result...but someone may start this way, which is fine, because eventually, with continued response to these urges and impulses, there may be surprising results in way never imagined which will give a change of "heart." 


    Service, for me, is a most soul fulfilling work, and think this may be the case for everyone.


    There have been many times when something which seemed so very small to me (and most of the time forgotten about), such as a smile, kind word, look, or acton, years later would find had such an impact on another, it changed thier lives dramatically. At first it was such a surprise, and quite humbling..But when looking back on my own life, began to recognize where others had done the same for me, and to all give thanks.


    With all best wishes for Peace Profound,





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