Numbers For Fun

Its time for another discussion topic with any and all numbers the focus.


Sacred Geometry - Gematria - Numerology - the Fibonacci Sequence - Number Theory - the Polarity of Odd/Even Numbers - the sky's the limit!!!


Numbers can be Sacred, Lucky, Unlucky - Numbers have Attributes and can reflect wholeness - oneness - infinity - new beginnings - the God Force - creation - cycles -not to mention negative aspects like 'fear of the unknown' - 'fear of change' - etc.  


For example - The cycle of 108 years is important to Rosicrucians - the number 108 is considered Sacred in many Eastern religions and traditions - Stonehenge is 108 feet in diameter - there are 108 cards in a UNO deck - in India 108 is called for emergencies - and so on.  (Please help me out here - looking for explanations)


(Wikipedia the source for some info)


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  • Feel free to repost! 
    If it creates a smile here and there then the world will surely benefit.

  • Thanks for sharing that, Elizabeth, it is so funny - young children have a unique sense of humor - nothing complicated  - short and sweet - like those knock knock jokes of my younger days!!!


    With hope that some discourse might happen, I started the same discussion - Numbers For Fun - on other pages - California, Florida, and the RC Cultural Center of NY - your response would be perfect if you are interested in joining them and posting - and - if not - ask if you would then mind if I shared your daughter's joke with credit?

  • That sounds like the one my daughter always says:

    What is the scariest number?

    Answer: 7

    ...because 7 8 9 (read it aloud.  Poor nine...)

  • Hungry Numbers:

    They are named hungry numbers because they try to eat as much "pi" as possible.


    Well ok - there is some truth to this - but not being a mathematician by any stretch of the imagination - will let someone else explain it.

    The Number Seven is also interesting:
    "A week has seven days, and folklore divides life in periods of seven years. Seven is the age of reason, 2x7 the end of childhood, 3x7 the end of adolescence, et cetera… Seven is the sum of 3 and 4, the spiritual and the material. In Alchemy, seven metals are associated with the seven classical planets, symbolizing the seven stages of transformation (calcination, dissolution, separation, conjunction, fermentation, distillation, coagulation). There are seven notes in the diatonic musical scale (Dominus - lord, REgina coeli - queen of heaven, MIcrokosmos - small universe, Fata - fate, SOL -sun, LActea - milky way, Sider - star). And seven directions (left, right, up, down, forward, back and center). The rainbow has seven colors, and Snow White has seven dwarfs (representing the temperaments inside us ). The Pleiades and the Big Dipper have both seven main stars."
    (From Earth and its Specialities link)
  • Thanks Elizabeth,


    Great comment - "We are all One."  I love that!!!


    Even in numerology - with the number one having both positive and negative polarities - the One can take on a range of traits from Creation - to Love - Intuition - Unique - Intolerance - Conceit - Arrogance - maybe considering our oneness in the traits that we might all have and reflected in our 'duality.'

    Elizabeth Harriman said:

    In Waldorf first grade classes, we ask the students, "What is the biggest number?"

    Answer: 1

    ...Because everything is one.  We are all one. 

  • In Waldorf first grade classes, we ask the students, "What is the biggest number?"

    Answer: 1

    ...Because everything is one.  We are all one. 

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