Love and Thanksgiving

Love and Thanksgiving is the title of an article in the book (see pp. 336-7) - Master of the Rose Cross - A Collection of Essays by and about Harvey Spencer Lewis - and begins thusly:

 ALTHOUGH LOVE may be humanly expressed and humanly centered, it is unquestionably a divine
emotion. At least, it is the most divine, the most supremely infinite, of all the emotions surging
through the human consciousness.

Love in its fullness and perfection is the ultimate gift of God to the essential dignity of human beings.
It was the final, distinguishing benediction upon God’s last and greatest creation. Love is that which made
animistic humans into an image of the Creator and made them unique in the universe. Love constitutes the
eternal, immortal relationship of humans with God.

Love proceeds from cosmic intuition, from infinite inspiration, and is seldom ever the offspring of finite

Love is creative. It grows through expression. It cannot expend nor consume itself. Love begets love; it
seeks its own power everywhere and enhances itself in its devotion.

Love is reactive. It perfects the being of the lover as the lover raises the ideal of love. A love for and of
the beautiful brings the beautiful into greater realization. A love of the nobility of life brings nobility into
experience. A love of spiritual values—in human and universal contacts—brings the value of the spiritual to
our understanding.

Love is the limitless power by which we can rule the destiny of our lives, and it is the same power by which
God rules the universe.

As we increase in love, do we increase the attunement with God? For love is the essence of God in each

We have much to be thankful for, every day and every hour of our lives. Life itself is a rich blessing only
because of the rich heritage of love.

Ill-health and disease of the body are cleansed away by the surging power of infinite love when it is
permitted to fill the human consciousness and mind. Disease grows when love is suppressed. Sin, sorrow, and
disaster follow in the wake of unexpressed love.

What is true of the physical body is true of the political body. As with each human, so with each nation.
Love is always positive, never neutral. The absence of love permits hatred, envy, jealousy, and selfishness to

Disaster comes to nations of people in proportion as love is suppressed. Love cannot be confined and be
true. Self-satisfaction and contentment are self-conceits. They express a false love and engender selfishness.
Lack of appreciation is a denial of love’s expression. Failure to give thanks is a retraction of love’s power.

The expression of thankfulness widens the horizon of receptivity. Such is the law of reciprocity, the law of
compensation. Thankfulness is an impulse of love. A prayer of thankfulness is an expanding consciousness. It
brings the individual soul closer to God and quickens the love in the hearts of others.

The surest way to bring peace and happiness into the consciousness of a nation is to foster thankfulness for
the blessings at hand. The quickest way to bring prosperity and contentment into the affairs of a people is to
send forth an abundance of love toward all of God’s beings.

Let our thankfulness be expressed every day, not merely on one appointed day each year. Let our love
for all beings of all nations express itself boundlessly…feeling secure in the universal love of the Deity who
created the seas and the many lands beyond.

The world is ill: its physical and political body is out of harmony. Pain, sorrow, and misfortune are manifest
in the world…but love can conquer the inharmony—true love, universal, unbiased, unpolluted by radical

Give thanks for Life, for Light, and for Love. Let love brighten your life and the lives of others. Surround
yourself with a widening aura of love and dispel the shadows of gloom and depression.

A universal law will bring to all beings the true desires of their hearts.

The law is within you!

Love is the Law!

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  • A Rosicrucian Reflection:

    "The mystic does everything they can to cultivate and maintain four primary virtues, and thus warrant being called a mystic: understanding, service, compassion, and LOVE. These virtues all flow into one another, and end up merging into a perfect unity and forming one entity, thus moving us closer to the “Rose-Croix” state. But the road is long, and the ascent an arduous one, with its tests like so many stones on the path. Willpower, perseverance, and trust are three further virtues that need to be manifested, if we wish to achieve our spiritual elevation. We can do this together under the aegis of the sacred symbol of the Rose-Cross, and thanks to all the experiences – pleasant and unpleasant – that we have already lived through, and will continue to live through. This choice is ours, for we have our free will." Christian Bernard

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