Keeping It Simple #2

945    Keeping It Simple #2
from my free web site

Without a doubt, within our skin,
we all look out, but rarely in.
With senses five, we fill the mind,
but feel alive, when heart is kind.
Those subtle beats will serve to share,
how love competes and thrives on care.
Life is a loan – Man’s stepping stone.

(Papyrous: Phoenix, Arizona, U.S.A. Saturday June 10, 2006; 5:08 A.M.)

946    A Bridge Unfinished

Some say it’s gain that we enthrone,
and vain is pain. That’s how Man’s grown.
For sure not fear (it dims our fire),
and there’s a tear for each desire.
What will progress the Human Race?
Love is my guess, and inner space.
Meanwhile, the wise make hugs their prize.

(Papyrous: Phoenix, Arizona, U.S.A. Monday June 12, 2006; 5:30 A.M.)

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