I'm a fairly new Member of the AMORC. Currently making my way through Atrium 3. So perhaps (most likely, without a doubt) these questions I will pose about Alchemy will be answered as I progress in the studies. At any rate, I'd like to ask some questions concerning Alchemy.

In one of the very early monographs, a reading list was recommended. I've since discovered that quite a few of the books on the list are Alchemical works. One might say the majority were so. Of all the mysteries AMORC reveals, it seems that the Rosicrucians have always had a certain affinity towards Alchemy. While it may not be the most important of AMORC's teachings, would you say that it is one of the more important arts associated with our Order?

If it IS important to us, are there any left among us who practice it as an art? Perhaps I need to contact the RCUI or some other body of research within the AMORC.

If Alchemy is of interest to you personally, do you tend towards an interest in Physical Alchemy, or Spiritual Alchemy, and why?

Personally, I wonder if we don't need to complete the Great Work on all levels. In my short, but intense time of studying the subject (along with so many others), I've read enough to believe that Alchemy indeed was a true physical Art, the completion of which was (and is?) a closely guarded secret. However, I believe it was (and is?) revealed as one mirrors the Cosmic Reflection of the Great Work on higher planes. Put another way, I don't think it can hurt to try to discover the secrets of Alchemy by pursuing the unfolding of the Great Work as it occurs in the realm of Soul. These are just my thoughts of the moment. I offer them to spur conversation. If you've ever had any thoughts or revelations about this topic, what do you have to say?

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  • Fratres and Sororers, please allow me to introduce my very small connection to Alchemy. 

    A book came across my way a few years ago, with physical alchemy involvement steps and like Frater Neal, the fire of desire ignited within, fortunately my wife said "REALLY?!" and that was the end of it, and it also helped that my RC mentor who preaches less, less, less to me. However there is nothing like actually going through the steps, and having the emotional experience of this activity, to more deeply correspond with this dimension of the Rosicrucian heritage. For those with the call, the time and interest more power to them. And it seems so excellent to have Frater Hauck intimately connected to AMORC, who makes the rounds connecting all esoteric groups to alchemy. 

    It seems to me that modern science is unknowingly indebted to the alchemist and their work, as is I am assuming our teachings which to the deeper esoteric ontology are probably an outgrowth of the alchemist work. And those special initiates who can take life into this dimension will be able to keep that understanding fresh and bring modern interpretation to it.

    For me becoming a Rosicrucian student is my main alchemy, same with everything else I am becoming, husband, father, son, friend, frater, career professional, etc. Another aspect of alchemy for me is orderliness and upkeep in the home where I am an *extreme* beginner (LOL).

    Thank you for letting me write this in doing so my mind has now awakened a degree to the importance of Alchemy and alchemists and the Rosicrucian tradition.

  • Thanks Kathy, he's more than welcome.

  • Hi Frater Neal,


    It has been a while since this discussion was active - and I recently recommended to Frater Isaac Dikeocha to come here since he was looking to discuss alchemy along with hermeticism and the kabbalah.  You might be interested in checking his blog out at this link - which will still keep you on site - so ok to post:

  • About Our monographs.. A triangel has 3 angles... One, two, three.. and one, t(w)o, three. It's simple maths, I think, -three times three is nine. :)

    I study the 8th degree atm and I am eager to get to the ninth degree. It's all about it (that?). O:)

  • It's great to come back to this thread. So much has changed since the time I started it.

    I've since read some very interesting books and manuscripts which lead me to firmly believe in Practical Alchemy. If anyone else is interested, I would recommend any of Frater Albertus's works, particularly his Alchemist's Handbook. He was a member of AMORC in the early days, and went on to found the Paracelsus Research Society which is now Paracelsus College, located in Australia. I'm telling you, he is a Sage. I feel it. And I also feel (and have particularly felt) very strongly drawn to Practical Alchemy as a means of self-initiation and transformation. When you start to study about the old Rosicrucians and what they were doing, Practical Alchemy was, it would seem, the foundation of their system. Granted, true Practical Alchemy encompasses SO much more than transmuting metals, but I think it was a means whereby the Light of Truth could be captured in material form, studied, and developed by Art.

    Frater Neal Bertelsen

  • I recently came across this regarding base metals and the philosophers stone - most likely referring to spiritual alchemy:


    In his 1766 Alchemical Catechism, Théodore Henri de Tschudi denotes that the usage of the metals was a symbol:

    Q. When the Philosophers speak of gold and silver, from which they extract their matter, are we to suppose that they refer to the vulgar gold and silver?
    A. By no means; vulgar silver and gold are dead, while those of the Philosophers are full of life.



  • From my exprecience it is not the end result that determines the experience, but the involment in the transformation process of the materium, whether physical or spiritual that causes conciousness to shift and expand. The Great Work is an unending process...the transformation occurs in darkness, in the womb, in the vessel. It is when after it's initial transformation, when taken out of the darkness, the womb or the vessel, does it transform you, just like a new born baby awakens the golden rays of the heart. Darkness, womb and vessel = Meditation. It also equals correctly charged objects placed in vessels......charged cold water and  heated objects placed in vessel. After a few days taken out of the vessel....powerful shifts of is transformed. I made these discoveries thru more than 25 years of experimentation with energies and correctly/safely awakening them.

  • continued:


    Pages 4 and 5 of the article "Alchemy -the Living Tradition" are attached below:


  • The attached article "Alchemy - the Living Tradition" is from an old Rosicrucian Digest - Fall 1991 and might be of interest - it is amazing what one can find when a little cleanup and rearranging is done.  Hope these images are clear and legible.


    Pages 1 thru 3 are attached below; Pages 4 and 5 are in next comment




  • Information on 'material alchemy' and 'mental alchemy' is provided as one progresses through the Temple Degrees - even the "Mastery of Life" - under the heading 'Early European Beginnings' - alchemy is referenced and alchemists are credited with playing a tremendous part in the early history of the Rosicrucian Order:

    "It was in the time of Charlemagne (742-814) that the French philosopher Arnaud introduced the mystical teachings into France, and from there they spread to much of Western Europe. Throughout medieval Europe mystical knowledge was often necessarily couched in symbolism or disguised and hidden in the love songs of Troubadours, the formularies of Alchemists, the symbolical system known as the Qabala, and the rituals of Orders of Knighthood."

    Of course there was more - and only mention it here since it has been a long time since the "Mastery of Life" was looked at - at least by me. Looking for information on the 'Early Rosicrucians' brought me back to one of the first pieces of literature about AMORC presented by the Order when contemplating admission. If any one chooses to look - here is the link:

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