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Love and Thanksgiving

Love and Thanksgiving is the title of an article in the book (see pp. 336-7) - Master of the Rose Cross - A Collection of Essays by and about Harvey Spencer Lewis - and begins thusly:

 ALTHOUGH LOVE may be humanly expressed and humanly centered, it is

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I'm a fairly new Member of the AMORC. Currently making my way through Atrium 3. So perhaps (most likely, without a doubt) these questions I will pose about Alchemy will be answered as I progress in the studies. At any rate, I'd like to ask some quest

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Numbers For Fun

Its time for another discussion topic with any and all numbers the focus.


Sacred Geometry - Gematria - Numerology - the Fibonacci Sequence - Number Theory - the Polarity of Odd/Even Numbers - the sky's the limit!!!


Numbers can be Sacred, Lucky, Unluc

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Fraternal Friends at this Worthy Affiliate..... To Serve.....  Seek and You shall find .... How many times do we here this .... Let us expand on it's meaning ....When I have heard this stated was to find some knowledge needed  to solve some per

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