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Prayer for a New Day

Prayer for a New DayThank you, God of My HeartFor a new day to live, loveand share the Light.Thank you for new opportunitiesto learn and evolvethrough you, in you and for you.May I live this dayworthy of my oathsbefore the Rose Cross.And may I and th

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First, please forgive me if these questions are simplistic. I am brand new to the Order and just got my 1st set of monographs today.


What is a Thebes Lodge Meeting? Is it open to all current members, regardless of the state they live in?


Are you hold

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I received a letter from the Order outlining the English Grand Lodges vision plan. In that letter it was said that "we are all aspiring Rose-Croix, still working towards perfection." I'm just interested to know is there any Rosicrucian here or anywhe

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