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It has taken over three years to get me to a point where it is exciting for it to be a Thursday.  Thursday, as we know, is 'Sanctum Day' for Rosicrucians (although we can make any day our sanctum day depending on our circumstances.) 

Our family was no

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I do not possess a cell phone, i-phone, i-pod, i-anything. Apparently yesterday a message was sent (worldwide?) about the launching of a missile on Hawaii. Old news. That was yesterday.
A friend told me and said that had she received the message (her

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We are told that to be of Service is the ultimate.

We get inspired by Masters who speak of Service.

We then formulate grand ideas about Service - to which we invariably fall short.

Yet, the simple act of bringing joy to another, of being a source of joy

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Karmic Responsibility

12 January 2015

Till a few days ago it was my understanding that, as a member of the human race, and because of our oneness in that regard, I am personally aligned with and equally 'guilty' of the deeds and decisions of the rest of Mankind.  It made m

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What is the difference between a Good Person and a Saint (Avatar, incarnated Cosmic Master)?

Maybe the same as asking what the difference is between a Rosicrucian and a Rose Croix?

What is it that blurs the 'line' between the two?

Is it even a relevant

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The Rosicrucian Way

Frater Benjamin Pybus wrote a comment on the symbol "The Alchemist" (from the Tuesday night Digest Discussion Group Chats) that triggered some deep thoughts on the Rosicrucian way for me.  He wrote:  "There are those who go astray owing to Spiritual

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