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Esoteric Meaning of Easter

Hello Fraters and Sorores,

Our most recent discourse was concerning the Esoteric Meaning of Easter and encouraged some profound thoughts and discussion from members. While Easter was the topic, the symbolism of the egg was quite prominent. I would like to encourage members to add their thoughts about the mystical meaning of the egg to this discussion board.


A beginning thought might be that the egg is symbolic of new life and renewal. Its importance dates back to the Orphic traditions and possibly beyond. It also has alchemical meaning as well. Please feel free to add your thoughts and any knowledge that you may find appropriate for this discussion board.  

with Peace Profound,

Ronda Mitchell

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  • Victoria, it is wonderful to hear from you. Thank you for adding your beautiful insights. Certainly, the symbols of Easter can inspire us when reflected on from the heart. We did a visualization inwhich the egg surrounded our bodies and we broke forth into the world to share our Light. This comes after a few months in darkness and contemplation of ourselves. We bring forth ourselves renewed and regenerated in mind, body and soul, and hopefully better able to hear that "voice within" that you speak of.

    Thank you again for sharing your thoughts and inspiring deep inner contemplation on symbols.
    with PP

    Victoria Franck Wetsch said:
    Easter and its symbols can be a great inspiration to us when we contemplate the meaning of them from our hearts. As Rosicrucian’s, one of the ways we learn to discover our "voice from within" is to meditate upon symbols. Through time, the egg has always been an important symbol of rebirth, especially in celebration of springtime. I like to think of each new day as my personal rebirth and renewal and I thank the God of my heart for a another day, to learn from my past and to serve the Order and its ideals. Master Jesus taught us that life is a gift in Light, Life & Love
  • Hello Victor,
    Thank you for your response. The symbolism of the egg goes much further back than the western traditional meaning, to be sure. It can be found in nearly all mystical teachings and also, as you mention to the primordial egg of the Cosmic. You give some great examples of the egg and esoteric teachings. Your mention of the egg shaped rock reminds me of the study we did during an RCUI class on the omphalos, or navel of the earth in Greek mythology. This is a vague connection but may spark some discourse. :-)

    with PP

    V.E.M. said:
    Authentically, the pagan symbolism in the Memorial of a Jewish Christ has always disturbed me, and I have refused to celebrate the traditional Easter for many years now. Yet the egg, in and of itself, was also related to Mithras (Mithraism being one of my favorite pre-Christian mystery religions), who arose out of a egg-shaped rock (the Cosmic Egg). Moreover, there was a theory in science about the primordial atom, or Cosmic Egg, and the Singularity from which all things came into being.

    Of course, the esoteric meanings such as fertility, birth, and beginnings (the Source), and the self-contained/self-born concepts spoken of in various forms of occultism can be symbolized by the egg. In truth, we all start out from an egg, within the womb, and our spirits are within the egg of our mortal forms waiting to be born (reborn) back into the true world of mind and spirit.

    That is about as far as I can go... I hope I have helped in furthering the subject a bit.

    Good Job (very challenging)

    Sincerely and Fraternally,
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