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Greetings All!

Last Friday I did a presentation at Mountain Rose Pronaos open meeting regarding the Shakespeare controversy. At the end I pointed out some Rosicrucian connections.

Discovery News has an interesting article, but leaves out much pertinent information (http://news.discovery.com/history/real-shakespeare-anonymous-111101.html#mkcpgn=msn1).

I found the research for the presentation to be most interesting and intriguing. If anybody has done any research, or has any opinions about Shakespeare and the Rosicrucian connections, please share!

Peace Be With You,

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  • Hello Brian,

    I've also done a presentation on this topic. It happens to be a very deep interest of mine. So much so that I have a blog on the topic providing evidence for Francis Bacon as the real Shakespeare. Take a look at it some time. Do a search for bacon-shakespeare-evidence.blogspot.com

    Take care


    Bacon was Shakespeare - Authorship Evidence
  • Coincidentally, I was reading that chapter when I saw your post. So...it goes much deeper? Interesting.

  • Yes, I used his material as a reference in the presentation/discussion. It goes much deeper!

  • Manly P. Hall has a chapter dedicated to this very topic in his book, The Secret Teachings of All Ages.

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