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Plane degree

I am having a doubt, in one of the monographs of the plane degrees or the last temple degree if I have not mistaken, I have a doubt. There is this pronunciation of Rama and then something like a cloud has to appear when you are at a certain level of

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Greetings All!

Last Friday I did a presentation at Mountain Rose Pronaos open meeting regarding the Shakespeare controversy. At the end I pointed out some Rosicrucian connections.

Discovery News has an interesting article, but leaves out much pertinent

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Akenaton & Egypt

Frater Victor has posted an excellent question on the Colorado group page that i would like to encourage conversation from other Fratres and Sorores.

Victor's question:
Is the AMORC focus on Egypt a focus on teachings of Akenaton or thepolytheistic Egy

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Esoteric Meaning of Easter

Hello Fraters and Sorores,

Our most recent discourse was concerning the Esoteric Meaning of Easter and encouraged some profound thoughts and discussion from members. While Easter was the topic, the symbolism of the egg was quite prominent. I would lik

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Hello all,

Spring is a very busy time of year for Mother Nature as well as for people. It is hard to believe it has been over a month since I last posted a discussion!  Time does seem to go by so quickly. :-)


For one of our open meeting topics we disc

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Annual Picnic at Betty's

Greetings!The annual potluck picnic at Betty's is on June 27th. All AMORC members and their family are welcome to attend. For directions, send me an e-mail and I will provide it for you.Gathering starts at 11 with lunch starting at noon.Peace Be With

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