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Faith Above Reason Alone

Faith Above Reason Alone

Hello friends and associates,

I started a new teaching tale  about a month ago and Vol. I is finished.  I am going to share it beginning tomorrow.  It is about 300+ pages in length in book form.  The first portion is mainly int

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Not So Difficult

The prime rule of enlightenment is quite straightforward.

To attain to enlightenment the Ego needs to know what it wants, how to get what it wants. and have the resolve  to get what it wants. Of course. Unwholesome Wants  are your problem.


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We have an Angel Self inside who never stops to be Magnificent, Divine, Beautiful, Perfect, Loving.  A Magnificent Angel Self who goes with us to the jon, who is there when we think we can hide in the closet, who is there at the office, when the boss

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pssst...have you heard?

pssst...have you heard ?

   Have you heard that all questions and postings may not be appropriate for this Virtual Rosicrucian Site?

Could it be, that if a question has no answer, should not it be posted here. Is that accurate?  Is that logical

A bit pu

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Hello Dali

Hello Dali

 The Topic: Perception (yours & mine)

    What say our Rosicrucian Brothers & Sisters ?


    respectfully, Bother Jules


There is no truth.
There is only perception.
- Gustave Flaubert

The World Exists as You Perceive it…
It is Not what You Se

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Mystics look at the past....part four

Mystics look to the past..part four

 paper 89 (Urantia Book)

                       Sacrifices & Cannilbalism

....examining the origins of sacrifice and cannibalism...
inviting comments from our Fraters & Sorors....
in humility, Brother Jules

4. Origins o

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The Lord's Dinner Blessing

Ariel found the blessing on the proper page and read clearly and distinctly, “May this food nourish the bodily and mental needs of this creature, aiding it in its progress towards final awakening. May I always remember those not having enough to eat,

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Mystics look at the past....


Mystics look at the past, to understand the present and conjure the future........

looking forward to comments & observations  from our mystic Brothers & Sisters....

in humility, Br. Jules

Paper 89: Sin, Sacrifice, and Atonement  (Urantia Book)

89:0.1 P

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God of my Heart

Hello Friends, been busy working on some spiritual love stories so not much time to post.  But, today, I have another question for each of you.

Why are you afraid to love another?  Have you been hurt in love?  Do you not trust love?  Is your love main

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