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The "Curse" of Linear B

This afternoon - while travelling in my Saturn - out and about getting some errands done - listening to my favorite radio station - NPR  - the discussion was about a book "The Riddle of the Labyrinth" by Margalit Fox which details the discovery of Li

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Today Is Sufficient

Hello, my dears.  I was unpacking some old books and came across a note it seems I wrote many years ago.  I think it is good advice, or at least so I was told by a lover of the past.


There are two days in every week about which we need not worry.

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Brahman Unmanifest

From a new book I just finished

The Eighth Realization – Brahman Unmanifest

[Setting] Mother, Radha, and the gopis are in attendance. All were with child and in heavenly delight.

Mother sat to Svajāta’s right and Radha to His left. The gopis sat in fron

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From the R+C Files

Hello F & S,

I have seen that some newer members seem to take offense to the discussion of Judaeo-Christian-Islamic spirituality and scripture on our R+C forums.  But, such criticism is unfounded for they are ignorant of the fact that H Spencer Lewis

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R+c Post 666

I thought I would give you 'the skinny' on Existence Plus in verse form as done in the Rigveda.  If you can understand, you are in a good spot, if not, keep working on it.  It actually is my 666th major blog posting.  Shades of Crowley?

No 666 reduces

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Angkor Wat

The desert fathers of the first centuries of the common ear taught that soulful weeping brought a seeker closer to the Divine.  For blessed are those who mourn.

I have always known that the Holy Spirit was like a coin with two sides, Brother and Siste

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Neuroplasticity de Christos

Hello Fr and Sr,

I just found this poem in my archives which I forgot about as I have much writings.  So it comes near its 11th anniversary.  No, I was not on hallucinogens.

Be happy if possible, wise always.

Neuroplasticity de Christos 13 July 2007


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