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Shekinah Glory (Rosicrucian Christ Corner)

When a person or organization offends YHVH in their deeds, attitudes, or doctrines, the Glory of the anointing is lifted.  This includes what is written, traditions presented, and doctrine. 

This is how an order, religion, spiritual group, or spiritual movement dies...  A member, or members arise and offend through what they insist contrary to the Holy Spirit. 

Moses was very much concerned about this when he prayed that the Creator grant him, His Presence.  King David likewise prayed: "take not Thy Holy Spirit from me."

Have you ever walked into a religious, or spiritual service which feels empty?

Any person wishing to have the fellowship YHVH by the Spirit of Christ, must fulfill the requirements for this fellowship.  Such fellowship, contrary to some misguided persons is NOT religion, it is pure spirituality.  Let all those who name the Name of God avoid offending YHVH, or any of His agents.

The Shekinah, is the Throne.  It descends from Yesod with praise, prayer, and other conditions worthy.  It is withdrawn when the spiritual odor is unpleasant.  This Divine Presence may rise to high levels on the Tree of life carrying those worthy into Heavenly bliss.


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  • I am preparing a trine water daily, which I obtain from 3 different sources in a natural sanctuary, established by nature and human beings, although the latter have not yet identified it as a sanctuary. I call it Sanctuary 238, and it's in Hayward, California. The 3 waters come from a stream, a lagoon and a source that is in a cemetery respectively. I gather these 3 waters and practice on them the exorcism and blessing of salt, water and oil, which is practiced by the Roman Catholic Church. Then I use this water to exorcise and sanctify the telesterion and my entire house.

    Your post helps me understand that I am trying to bring down the Shekinah from Yesod, and establish the throne of God in my home and life. It helped me to read your post.

  • Amen. May we all find favor with YHWH and his exalted son YAHUSHA HA MASHIACH 

    • Yes!

      Thank you for your comment.

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