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I would like to share some tools that I use to keep vibrations high or to work on increasing my vibrations. I will be keeping my posts as simple as possible. I am not sure if what I am doing aligns with Rosicrucian teachings, but these things seem to be working for me. When a person raises their own vibrations, it affects those around them in a positive manner :)

#1. Gratitude - express gratitude daily - first thing in the morning "Thank you for this day" 

#2. Meditation - 5 minutes - 20 minutes - an hour. The time does not truly make a difference, the consistent practice of this does.

#3. Yoga - any practice will do

#4. Energy Exercises (I use Donna Eden's)

#5. Hands-on Healing - Place hands lightly over your eyes after meditation or yoga and leave them 2-5 minutes.

#6. Food in different colors and varieties - whole foods preferrable

#6. Lots of water, no soda, no alcohol

#7. Ha Breathing exercises

#8. Plenty of sleep

#9. Plenty of exercise

#10. Giving time to others with no expectations

#11. Thinking positive thoughts whenever possible

I would be interested in hearing your thoughts on these practices and if you are doing other things to raise your vibrations?

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  • Hi Anissa - Another Rosicrucian text that may also interest you is the Contrbution to Peace found at this link:



    • Thanks for sending this Kathy.

    • Thank you Soror!

      Much Love and Light

      Peace Profound

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    • Yes, we will all have our own way of connecting with soul/spirit energy, true. It is indeed important for each to find his/her own way.

      Do you think the 6th sense is a compilation of all the clair senses?  Subtly, some hear, some see, some feel, some know, some taste, some smell ... some can understand the cause and effect relationships behind many events as well. Are all of these psychic abilities known as a sixth sense?

      Do you feel that every human has the ability to develop these senses?

      Thank you for your refelctions once again George


    • Thank you for your reflections George!

      I truly appreciate your thoughtful answers.

  • Hi Anissa -

    The Rosicrucian Code of Life (link below) is one of several texts that members are offered to assist in structuring their daily lives.  While this Code contains 22 points - the eleven you share are not in conflict - although some exercises may be recommended in the Monographs or found in other books or publications such as the Rosicrucian Digests.  Rosicrucian meditation - breathing - and other exercises can also be found on several podcasts and often are done at the beginning and/or end of the plentiful Zoom teleconferences. 


    Thanks for your thought provoking threads - anything and everything coming from a new member is a breath of fresh air and always welcomed by me and I am sure other long-time members.  Don't forget to visit the Pronaos of the Temple Home and Forum pages where newer members air their questions and concerns and many times help each other with the wisdom and insight each has developed.

    Rosicrucian Code of Life | Rosicrucian Order
    The Rosicrucian Order, AMORC 22 point code of life
    • Thank you much for your comments Kathy, I printed out the Code of Life. It aligns very well with my daily intentions :) I still need to work on a few of them, but they are wonderfully thought out and written. Thanks again for sharing those with me :)

      Peace Profound Kathy

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