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pssst...have you heard?

pssst...have you heard ?

   Have you heard that all questions and postings may not be appropriate for this Virtual Rosicrucian Site?

Could it be, that if a question has no answer, should not it be posted here. Is that accurate?  Is that logical

A bit puzzling...to say the least...when do Mystics stop asking and pondering questions ?

Pondering, I am, Martinist Brother, Jules

Michael Jon Kell said:
My dear Fr Jules, I do agree that this posting has lead to some nice discussion and varying opinions--both great.
However, the purpose of posting a question is to arrive at a reasonable answer based on reason, source evaluation, and hypotheses.  As such, the moderator should keep the respondents inline (a small pun). 
The purpose of asking a question is to find an answer and not wander off into speculation.
I dedicated my Fr Jules Symposium to you for you do ask questions which I applaud.
BWPP, Michael

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  • Always eager to hear from Sister Ave....I am.

    in humility, Brother Jules

  • It has been my pleasure, dearest Dr. Fr. Raymond, and Fr. Jules, I love your Einstein posting as well.

    Humble blessings to you all!

    Your Sister & Friend,


    Dr. Raymond DuRussel said:

    Thank you Sr. Ave, for you input.



  • Dear Dr. Michael...There is never anything objectionable about you or your posts...

    as a fellow mystic   ALL is correct,  ALL is allowable, but not ALL is gospel. Not yours, not mine!

    In my humble opinion, exploration... the searching of the vast reaches of what may be found in the mind & soul of our fellow Rosicrucians is a rewarding & noble endeavour.

    in Martinist humility, Br. Jules

    Michael Jon Kell said:

    I reread my post and I do not see why you may have found it objectionable--it is pure Rosicrucian doctrinal methodology.

    Ciao, Michael

  • There will be no answers without a question....

     Einstein - Question Everything

  • regarding questions:

     f you limit your choices only to what seems possible or reasonable,
    you disconnect yourself from what you truly want,
    and all that is left is compromise.
    - Robert Fritz

  • I inderstand your position Sr. Stephanie ...it is the challenge of the question with no answer that has driven mankind to soar beyond what is known....all will be answered, the why, the when and the where.. beckon!

    in humility, Brother Jules

    Stephanie Dewitt said:

    I admit I ponder too much and am left pondering rather or not this virtual site is out of my league.

    I think I haven't read as many factual books as Fr Jules. I should step back and learn instead of head in crazy.

    I do have a large creative,imagination;  honestly though, I desire not to lose it.  My ponderings have brought me great contemplations. Maybe not at the interest of others though. A little too much of the "I" involved.  

    I appreciate the challenge of a question that has no answer.  What fun would it be if everything was answered, oh and if not than we dare not challenge it.

    Maybe we need a nice miracle to awaken our realities.  A little burst to blow out what we know.

  • Indeed, dearest Brother Jules, this is, in my humble opinion, an indisputable truth!


    Jules Rensch said:

    Perhaps there are always more questions than answers!

    in humility, Brother Jules

  • Perhaps there are always more questions than answers!

    in humility, Brother Jules

  • I for one, dear brothers, have enjoyed the interaction, and.....stopped the ponderance of the question in question when my intuition lead me from 'the discussion'

    When one posts a question of depth, it is not known at the time if there is one answer to it, or if it is an article to evoke in the minds of those who desire to participate, what their 'take' on it may be.  Methinks it defies logistics, hence, the beauty of such a question.

    It is a question that, after my participation, I took to pondering it as I went about life, looking at my daily experience with the overlay of this question behind my thoughts, decisions, observations & actions.  Therefore, I deemed it a very worthwhile posting.

    As I saw it continued for days after my participation, I knew I did not desire or need to continue said participation and exercised my free will, or my pre-destined choice to not 'click' on the email invitation to participate.

    I am rarely moved to participate in the many discussions in our 'virtual forum' but when I do, I enjoy the opportunity to expand from others and enjoy the interaction.  

    Nothing is a waste of time if we deem it not to be, when something becomes a waste of time, our intuition walks us away from whatever that is, and if we are hearing the intuitive call, then so mote it be! 

    Blessings dearest brothers, for you are all a blessing in my life.

    Peace Profound,

    Sr. Ave

  • Oh boy, did I miss above, I meant to say " I haven't read as many factual books as Fr Michael.

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