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AMORC, in the monographs, Manifestos and the like, keeps encouraging us to use the tools the Teachings impart towards the elevation of human consciousness, healing the human spirit, healing the planet.

Going the Celestial Sanctum and meditating are prime tools for such a purpose.  When we rise to that exalted place, we attune to the égrégore and spread our intentions throughout the planes of consciousness.

We are also urged to participate with the work others, outside the Order, are doing too, aligning with the spirit of love and healing others also spread for the benefit of Humanity and our Beloved Planet.

There are hundreds of on-line groups that try to organise global meditations.  Naturally it would be impossible to participate daily with every single one of them.  My question is, Is it a 'waste of time' to choose one or more that we find worthy of support and dedicate time to their effort as a means of helping humanity shake off its present seeming evolutionary struggle?  Is it enough that we just set the intention to align with any effort out there from the Celestial Sanctum?

I do realise that we are all very busy people where time seems to be so scarce for such 'additional' activity, but then why urge us to use the tools we have been given through our Teachings as a very serious responsibility?

Some of these groups spend a lot of time and energy and money to create really beautiful and worthy focal points.  Then one looks at the response and while there normally is a zeal for the first, grand opening of such an intention, very quickly the support kind of fizzles out.  On the timers, thousands become one or two.  When participants who are still young and un-seasoned see this, it can be very disheartening.  They can wonder whether there is any use in continuing to participate. 

It seems to me that there are many 'young ones' out there who somehow need to be encouraged and supported, maybe in more visible ways than most of us probably allow?

There is the aspect of 'false modesty'.  Not wanting to 'appear' to be meditating, for example.  But there is the other question of 'teaching', support, giving direction.  Not because we are better than those who just beginning, but because we have been privileged to be have been given the tools for effectiveness.

So, is it 'unnecessary' to visibly participate in on-line meditations, for example, for whatever reason one care to have?

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  • Interestingly this thread popped up yesterday for some strange reason.  Almost five years later any reservations of online meditation have disappeared thanks to this pandemic of the Covid virus.  Fortunately AMORC has taken full advantage of the Zoom Cloud Meetings with weekly Dept. of Instruction Teleconferences and those sponsored by many of the temporarily closed Affiliated Bodies.   During most if not all at one point the presenter will lead the participants in an online meditation/attunement - sometimes beginning with the Overall Exercise.  Once again AMORC taking advantage of the latest technology to fulfill its 'Cosmic Mission.'

    • Most of the Dept of Instruction and Grand Master Teleconferences are recorded and can be viewed later at:

      RosicrucianTV - YouTube

      Official YouTube Channel for the Rosicrucian Order AMORC. Rosicrucians are a community of Seekers who study and practice the metaphysical laws govern…
  • As you say, Anne - there is nothing to discuss - and yet there is always more.  Never at a loss for words (lol) as I agree with JPG in saying that the Rosicrucian Order AMORC has also placed me on firm footing from day one and just when needed - even till this day for I am 'forever postulant' -  and also wanted to add to what George has mentioned:

    For sure the best experiences in meditation may be found within group participation.  Those of us who were fortunate to participate in such as the Council of Solace meditations at the Grand Temple and other ABs can attest to that.  Unfortunately many of us now/still live hours away from an AB precluding this type of participation and - once again my humble opinion - is that meditation with a purpose has no restrictions or borders nor a requirement for the physical presence of others to be effective.  Did not the Buddha meditate alone under the bodhi tree?   Are not our physical bodies considered to be a temple of the Holy Spirit in some circles?   Even within AMORC absent treatments can be given to another at a distance to restore harmonium to that individual without physical contact.

    No matter where you are or how you are able to participate - alone - in a physical group - or prompted by an online site - meditate - meditate - meditate - for the good of all - and especially for our 'group home' - Planet/Mother Earth.

    George Ho-Yow said:

    There are subtleties that can only be found with a group of people enclosed in a room for meditation such as during an AB convocation.
    They share their auras, breathe in/out recycled air from everyone in the room, raise the ambient temperature with their body heat. They share sight of the same room.
    There is much going for physical presence compared to online grouping.
    My experience with online participation is mixed, some good exchanges and poor ones. There are some persons who patrol sites known as trolls. They deliberately seek controversy, will argue over semantics than principles.
    The lack of perceiving body language is a handicap.
    Also some persons air their views out of context albeit with good intentions. I have a feeling that I'm guilty of this right now, so I'll stop abruptly.
    Thank you for your indulgence.
  • George, your points are all valid and it is always a good thing to be reminded of the power and meaning of physical groups.  "Where two or three are gathered in my name, there will I be also", comes to mind.

  • Thank you Kathy, I had forgotten how good it feels to read the thoughts and love of others on this site.

    It is funny, but there is nothing to discuss.  Everyone has brought a valid and perfectly wonderful angle to the same question.  Everyone is beautifully correct.

  • Good thoughts, sound thinking, Soror Kathy.

    Thank you for posting.

    I will ever be grateful for the firm footing given me by the Rosicrucian Order, AMORC.  When I was floundering, yet ripe for some tutelage, the Order and I found each other, and we have had a solemn, gratifying spiritual adventure ever since.

    Also, I have been able to resonate with other spiritual paths as well, seeing that the similarities support the AMORC Teachings.

    Namaste, Salaam, Shalom, Sat Sri Akhal, Ayoobowan, Blessed Be, and...

    Peace Profound,


  • Hi Anne -  you bring up some interesting and valid points - most especially:  "AMORC, in the monographs, Manifestos and the like, keeps encouraging us to use the tools the Teachings impart towards the elevation of human consciousness, healing the human spirit, healing the planet." 

    What I am going to say is simply my humble opinion - but do believe the Order recognizes that many of its members are also active in other groups with very similar aspirations and activities - and some have religious affiliations where prayer vs. meditation is the medium - but the same end result is sought.   For me the result would be Peace on Earth with a realization that we are all 'One' regardless of any outward and/or physical differences.

    There is probably much that could be said about online groups and the thousands who initially join then dwindling down to a mere one or two - for does that not also happen on this site?   Most likely the over 700 members of the Rosicrucian Reading Room are reading the monthly selection - but decline from participating in the discussions for various reasons - such as lack of time.  Should those who comment stop participating or simply carry on with their reviews?  

    Regardless - the thoughts - intentions - support - and service of the few participants matter - whether it be a book review here or appearing to be actively meditating on the sites you mention.   Conversely - the many are still out there meditating - praying - sending out good thoughts/vibes - etc. and it is not necessary for any of us to know if and when this happens - just believe it is so.  Meditations - just like Initiations - do not happen online - but in the heart and mind of each participant - for time and place is not relevant there.

    BTW - sometimes I am of the few - and other times part of the many - but my thoughts are always on the betterment/uplifting of humanity - a cleaner healthier planet - ending world hunger - and World Peace.  This is not always done at the level of the Celestial Sanctum or any other groups level - for no group has 'absolute rights or borders' on those planes where thought and prayers abide.



  • Soror Kathy Moore, I would be very interested in your reply, which was deleted.  Feel free to email me privately.  Some of the deleted things are just as valuable or more valuable.

    Peace Profound,


  • Thank you all for your deep comments that come from much experience.  It is always so good to hear and feel the thoughts of others.

    Frater John, you are quite right, there is no us and them as we are all evolving and participating in a single evolutionary journey.  It is a privilege to witness how humanity is going about it.

    And yes, electronic medium, for those of us who have not been brought up with it, can feel very uncomfortable and almost a hindrance.

    Frater Thomas, thank you so much for your comment and wisdom.  It touched me deeply.  Every wave of thought and experience brings with it so much growing understanding (from within).

  • Dear Soror Anne,

    In addressing your question "...Is it a 'waste of time' to choose one or more that we find worthy of support and dedicate time to their effort as a means of helping humanity shake off its present seeming evolutionary struggle?  Is it enough that we just set the intention to align with any effort out there from the Celestial Sanctum?", I'd like to offer my experience and some insight, that I'll admit may indeed change as I continue to evolve and align with The Cosmic. 

    Early in my studies, I sought to maximize my efforts during mediation.  I believe this is a excellent goal, but I was often searching for the "right" method of meditation, and often concerned myself with thoughts of not doing enough, or focusing too much on which type of mediation, or which body/group to align myself with.  For example, do I align during noon local time (EST for me), or 3 PM (EST) to align myself with those in our Grande Lodge in San Jose?  Does this matter?  How do I "know" which is best?

    I came to realize, through much reflection, that one goal was to align, and commune, with the Master Within, and let that be my guide as to the times, methods, purposes, and goals of each meditation period.  While I do follow most of the rituals, and practices, taught by Our Order, I also allow myself to be guided by the Master Within, as to my causes and practices, as I find this brings me the most harmony and peace.  When I follow this guiding force, I "know" I am practicing as I should, because I feel the effects resonate in my Soul, and elevate me to a level of Peace Profound, that still continues to grow and expand.  I don't feel our meditation sessions should be the same for everyone, and that we should all be guided by our inner Master to seek the Greater Light, that we are meant to receive in those moments.

     "Give us this day our daily bread" comes to mind, for in this day, we are to receive what we are gifted.  Tomorrow will bring more insight, through our efforts to align, to practice, to evolve, on an ongoing manner toward our attunement with The Cosmic.  I don't believe we can get these answers all at once.  This is why our Order has specific grades for each degree.  We attain, as we practice, and this means (to me) an ongoing, gradual Path, as I follow The Master Within.  

    So, I believe, the answers you seek, can be found within. You may already have those answers (based on your feelings about certain causes not being important to you, or a "waste of time", as you stated above) Petition for these answers for yourself, and the answers with come (mine come in various forms). Let yourself be guided, as you see fit, as each mediation experience guides you. Keep records in your notebook, if you wish, to follow your own evolution, but most importantly, trust your inner guide for your answers, and remember the answers may not all come at once, but they will eventually come to you.  

    I wish you the Greatest Peace along your Path. 

    Sincerely and fraternally,

    Frater Thomas 

This reply was deleted.