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We have an Angel Self inside who never stops to be Magnificent, Divine, Beautiful, Perfect, Loving.  A Magnificent Angel Self who goes with us to the jon, who is there when we think we can hide in the closet, who is there at the office, when the boss yells at us, in the traffic, with the family, when things go right and wrong.  She is always there

Whether we are tired, down in the dumps, emotional, not matter what we do, how we feel, that Angel within never changes, never dumps us, never turns Her back on us.  It remains Shiningly Loving.  She doesn’t stop loving, or move away, or sigh, of judge.  She just remains there, giving Her Love out freely.

What is it that then ‘evolves’, changes, moves?

Quite honestly, I don’t care anymore.

No matter how I feel, or what I do, My Angel Self (my word for that aspect of me) never leaves my side, never stops loving me.  I can do the most horrendous thing, if I turn within at ANY time, She is there just waiting to make me know, “See, I am always here and I just love you – so, so, so much.”

Again we turn our gaze out at the drama and forget all about Her, yet no matter how often we turn away, how often we feel abandoned, lonely, angry, confused, the moment we just turn within, there She is waiting just to give us the biggest hug, so, so pleased we looked Her way just so She can make us know and feel just how much She Loves us.

And She/He (that Nameless, Shapeless, Timeless, Ageless, Divine, Magnificent, Loving Self) is ME too, not something out there, apart from me.  Not distant.  ME.

What does she look like?  Here on Earth, in this incarnation, She looks like this:  A Beautiful, Beautiful Angel!

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  • I know what you mean Sr. Katherine...there seems to be a "right time" awaiting us,  to notice!

    Br. Jules, chasing the light and trying real hard to be that light

    Katherine Parker said:

    Thank you for this beautiful reminder. It came at the right time. Just as Angels do.

    Peace Profound

    Katherine Parker
  • Thank you for this beautiful reminder. It came at the right time. Just as Angels do.

    Peace Profound

    Katherine Parker
  • The outward silence of us, is our Angel, the inward dialogue of us, is our Angel....

    thank you Angel Anne, nice to meet you...

    in humility, Brother Jules

  • Thanks, Anne for reminding everyone! Nice photo. 


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