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  • Hey - Tomas - you mentined you have read a few editions of the Rosicrcian Digest - possiby they were part of the Timeline Series recommended in the Mandamus 2 monogrph?  Anyhow - at least eight of the seventeen Digests have threads on the Rosicrcian Reading Room Forum - and possibly you might be interested in making a comment on what you have read?   https://rosicruciancommunity.org/group/rosicrucian-reading-room/forum

  • Thank you, Kathy. This was exceedingly helpful! My question initially arose from reading a few editions of the Rosicrucian Digest and noting the different ways in which people's titles are written down and expressed. 

    • You are quite welcome.

  • Hi Tomas - was hoping someone in the know would have answered you - but I will try to give you what little I know.  I have noticed lately that many are dropping the salutation Frater (or Soror for females) like I just did here.  From my own experiences-  on occasion signed an e-mail or an in-box as Soror Kathy - but that only to another member of the Order. 

    There will come a time - not sure what degree - possibly the Ninth - when you will learn your advancement has earned you the right to use Tomas Alvarez, F.R.C. (for Frater of the Rose Cross) as an ending to correspondence - but again think use would be only within the Order.  For me it is Kathy Moore S.R.C. (or just SRC).

    Hope this helps - and if anyone else has more or more accurate information - please let Tomas know.

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