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“The Universe is Created by Cosmic Consciousness which Manifests in Physical Reality through a Geometric Blueprint that we call Fractal Geometry. -Debbie Richardson

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  • It has been awhile since anything new containing the word 'fractal' crossed my path - until this afternoon - while looking up some Buddhist or Zen Koans came upon a site called "Fractal Enlightenment."  Hmm - so what is this and what is its purpose?  and the only place to bring it up seems to be this thread so here goes:

    "The name Fractal Enlightenment to us means small doses of enlightenment that shall be repeated till infinity to remind us of who we truly are. Through Fractal Enlightenment we hope to bring about a minute positive change and like a fractal keep reinforcing them till we have enough ripples spreading love in every direction."

    5 Zen Koans that Will Open Your Mind (fractalenlightenment.com)

    About Fractal Enlightenment ~ Fractal Enlightenment


    5 Zen Koans that Will Open Your Mind
    Zen koans serve as a scalpel used to cut into the mind of the meditator. It’s a hammer used to shatter fixed thinking waiting for our minds to open u…
  • These amazing fractals abound everywhere - including in the world of art.  Having discovered 'fractal art' - which seem to be computer generated digital art - can see in some the makings of a mandala in a kleidoscopic sort of way.

    What is Fractal Art? - Math Class [2021] | Study.com

    Image result for fractal art


    What is Fractal Art? - Math Class [2021] | Study.com
    Fractals are unique and complicated mathematical forms of art. In this lesson, explore how fractals occur in nature, and how mathematical fractals...
  • Just when I think there cannot be more out there about fractals - this emerges:

    "A book or a movie or a TV show has its own “world,” and this world has its own internal logic. The Bible is a book like every other book in this respect. But the internal logic of the Bible happens to be “fractal” in nature. That is, it’s a lot like a set of Russian dolls."

    "The best way to get a big handle on the way the Bible is built, and on the way God works in history, is to get an understanding of fractals. Don’t worry, fractals aren’t scary. Fractals are cool. (A lot cooler than Russian dolls.)"...

    "Once you know what they are, you will find fractals everywhere. This is because fractals are found not only in computing, modern technology and financial markets, but also everywhere in nature. You can see them in the relationship between your arteries, blood vessels and capillaries, and also in the relationship between the trees in a rainforest, the branches on the trees, the twigs on the branches, and the patterns in the leaves. They are also apparent in animal coloration patterns, river networks, lightning bolts, ocean waves, DNA, earthquakes, the structure of snowflakes and other crystals, and in Romanesco broccoli."

    "Many of the rough shapes in nature, such as coastlines, waves and cloud formations were once thought to be beyond the “clean lines” of mathematics. What fractal geometry has done is reveal the “internal logic” of these formations. Identifying the basic formula at the heart of such formations has enabled us to “measure roughness,” and also to replicate it using computers."

    The complete article which explains 'The Bible is a Fractal' can be read at the below link:




    The Bible is a fractal.
    A book or a movie or a TV show has its own "world," and this world has its own internal logic. The Bible is a book like every other book in this resp…
    • Thanks for all this info on pixels and voxels - some (much) which is way over my head.  One reason I thought connecting with Frater George and his technical background would be a good thing.

    • It seems that Frater Lynn has left the site taking all his great comments with him.  Anyone interested in how pixels and voxels can do an online search - such as this educational link:


      Understanding the Difference between Pixel and Voxel - MANUFACTUR3D
      In 3D printing, we can define a voxel as a value on a grid in a three-dimensional space, like a pixel with volume. Each voxel contains certain volume…
  • Another interesting (and lengthy) Rose+Croix Journal artice - The Pattern That Connects - never mentions fractals per se - but what else can the author be talking about?  


    From the Summary:

    "Let us recapitulate what we have learned about the “pattern that connects.” These pages have
    shown that the Master Pattern represents the whole that exists in the parts, not as a thing or place,
    but as an organizational principle that, through symmetry laws, governs the many diverse forms
    of being. Form building (patterning) in nonliving systems (carbon backbone) is the same as form
    building in living systems (in art and in human sight). As a lattice, the Master Pattern satisfies
    the Cosmic idea of allness; that is, as a hierarchical/heterarchical seamless whole. It also satisfies
    in its parts the Cosmic idea of a dynamical self-similar system of interacting stars of stars. Each
    star carries within itself its own structure and process, which mirrors that of the whole. The star
    is the particularity (individuality) within the universality of the lattice. Thus we can visualize the
    Master Pattern in action as the Universal Mind expressing its power of infinity by individualizing
    it in the part (man or woman). The whole and its parts, manifesting within symmetry laws, form
    one complete unified system, or existence itself. This completeness, which is spiritual existence,
    is inclusive and impartial. We must, as individuals, acknowledge its archetypal presence in the
    human psyche as a motivational force, and we consent to expressing it outwardly by our seeking
    to become whole as we grow upward toward the higher consciousness that is necessary for
    humankind’s physical survival. In our everyday practice of symmetry laws, it means: Love God,
    and love one another."

    • Forgot to mention that the article is found in the 2016 - Volume 11 - of the Rose+Croix Journal - which is archived at this link along with other issues:




      The Rose+Croix Journal - Archive
      Archive of the Rose+Croix Journal from its founding in 2004, an international, transdisciplinary, peer-reviewed online journal
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