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Faith Above Reason Alone

Faith Above Reason Alone

Hello friends and associates,

I started a new teaching tale  about a month ago and Vol. I is finished.  I am going to share it beginning tomorrow.  It is about 300+ pages in length in book form.  The first portion is mainly introductory to the actual story of the Life and Teachings of Jesus the Christ as manifested in a companion universe.  Only the foolish would think that Jesus is only for us.


However I do have a thought for you to contemplate as to faith in a personal Deity.  For your convenience, I review a few obvious points.

[A1] No one has adequately presented  any evidence in physicality, sufficiently robust to state factually, ‘God Exists.’  The Intelligent Design arguments are flawed and violate Ockham’s Razor (Law of Parsimony in Explanation).

[A2]  No one has adequately presented any compelling physicality argument that ‘God does not Exist.’

[A3] Conclusion:  Scientifically, we cannot answer the question as to God’s Existence definitely.

[B1]  Most advanced religions and sacred philosophies possess written scripture and oral narrative claimed by the respective adherents to be the literal Word of God.  Such scripture and narrative being given to a culture by prophets claiming to be reciting the actual Words of God.  Unfortunately, such scriptures and narratives are not consistent as to content between each other.

[B2]  However, the acts of many prophets appear abnormal and obverse to mental health specialists and exhortations of prophets cannot easily be verified as to source or accuracy of the content.  One reason being that it was common in the past to revise the exhortations of past prophets so to fit current events.

[B3]  Scripture and the exhortations of Prophets are not a reliable source to prove the existence of nonexistence of God.

[C1]  Any faith based upon any of the above possibilities qualifies as ‘faith under reason.’ By this, I am referring to attempts to justify ones faith in one creed or god versus another.  It simply does not work as a way to support ones personal belief in a God, as are merely surmisals.

[D1] If we cannot utilize the physical to prove or disprove God, we must move into the psychoistic or mental world (I have fully discussed this in earlier posts and books), i.e., our personal experiences in trace, prayer, meditation, near death experiences, hallucinogens, brain stimulation, and so on.

[D2]  However, it is well established that our mental and emotional worlds arise from our central nervous system and its memory. At least for living men and women, no brain no virtual or imago world.  The situation after life is not adequately described nor verifiable with surety.

By eliminating all rational methods to establish the actuality of God, it would seem that we are lost. So, how does a rational man or woman proceed when he or she cannot rationally establish the existence or nonexistence of God?

The only spiritual method which I am aware of is the application of ‘faith above reason.’ Such a faith is utterly irrational as it can never be established as a universal truth. A person exercising such a faith is entitled to hold personal opinions based upon his or her experiences and study, but understands that final answers are impossible.

In other words, even in the absence of ALL evidence of the existence of God, we still feel deep within our hearts that God Is, even if It is beyond our cognitive ability to prove. This is legitimate Faith to my understanding.

I am not an atheist, agnostic,  nor theist, but of all religious opinions, the atheist should be the closest to God for they have no belief in God. Funny, eh?

I am a Scientific Gnostic and I placed myself under the One High God.


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