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Excerpt From ‘The Journal of Kyrios Yeshua”

Excerpt From ‘The Journal of Kyrios Yeshua”

This is an excerpt from my new book which is almost finished.  It is an alternative story of  the Lord as it occurred in another universe.  This is a true story of the power of unconditional love.

Dinner went well, as I could see that the ladies and grannies were forming a strong cohort dedicated to womanhood. I thought to myself, “If I accomplish no more that bring permanent gender balance to this world, I will be happy.”

When dinner was concluded, I began my teaching tale.

A very long time ago, there lived a giant with a most cantankerous disposition. He held a terrible dislike for human beings as he saw that they were selfish and did not take good care of the earth.

Now, the giant had lived since the time when Mother Earth planted all the beautiful flowers, the bright green plants, the grasses, and all the grains and tubers good to eat. In fact, he helped Mother Earth plant and shape the Earth for he loved the purity of Mother Earth’s heart. They would sing together when they worked.

When Mother Earth made animals, the giant helped raise the first ones and taught them about where they should live and foods they should eat.

One day, Mother Earth told the giant that she must move to another planet and asked him to love and care for the Earth they made. The giant was sad because he loved Mother Earth so very much, but promised to be a good steward and made her promise to come back to him one day.

But, then a trouble maker created mankind and mankind did not love Mother Earth. Mankind only loved gold and jewels, power, and hoarding more than anyone needed. The giant tied to explain that they must help him take care of the Earth for it would break Mother Earth’s heart if she knew how they treated the Earth.

The people would not listen and so he dammed up all the rivers where mankind lived and stopped the rain from falling. He took all the animals away. Soon, the ground was dry, the crops died, and there was no food for the children.

The giant refused to listen to anyone until a little girl went to visit him, She knocked upon his very large front door and he opened it to see the little girl, He said, “Go away, little girl, Mankind does not love the Earth and so mankind must die. Go away.”

The little girl said, “Giant you do not recognize me. I am your sister Mother Earth and I have come to visit you. I know mankind is ignorant, but you cannot kill him for he is an experiment of the Holy Family. I know he destroys our work, but we are only the helpers of Holy Family. You must open the rivers, bring back the animals, and allow the rain to fall.

“You have been a good Steward and a good friend. I have come to ask you to help me make many new Earths for they are endless. We shall pray to Holy Mother to save this Earth. Pick me up and give me a sweet hug, but don’t squish me, please.”

The giant did as instructed and the little girl explained to mankind that they must be the new Stewards of the Earth of the Earth will die forever.”

When, they were finished they vanished never to be seen again.

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  • Blessings. Thanks for pointing out the typos. Michael 

  • Other than a couple of typo's it's wonderful :) Thank you for sharing it

    Sr. Christina

    'The giant was sad because he loved Mother Earth so very much, but promised to be a good steward and made her promise to come back to the him one day.'

    'sweet hug, bot don’t squish me, please.”'

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