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I would first like to ask everyone how is it that we can develop compassion for creatures such as the mosquito, the fly, the rattlesnake, the black widow, the shark, the hungry wolf?  These are insects, reptiles, fish, and a mammal that are not considered to be enjoyable or loveable or safe to us, humans. It is quite easy to have unconditional love for the puppy or the kitten. Puppies and kittens are furry, loveable friends, but the species that I have mentioned previously seem to have no real obvious outlet of love for a human being. Why and how should we have compassion and unconditional love for these creatures that seemingly do little good for you, the human?

How many of you feel that you are moving towards or perhaps already in alignment with the Universal Life Force Energy?

When you align yourself with this energy, the living creatures (no matter what species), senses that and feels a oneness with you, the human. Thus communication with these creatures is possible. St. Francis had shown this ability with the wolf of Gubbio.

If you treat all others as you wish to be treated (no exceptions for the species I mentioned at the beginning), their response will be with the same unconditional love you show them, IF and ONLY if you are in total alignement with the ULF energy.

I have had a few experiences that have proven this to be true to myself. Have any of you had experiences such as these?

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me

Eternal Peace Profound 

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  • Just the other day it snowed and my daughter and I fully snow geared we're out making snow men and sledding with snow ball fight at the end now I have a bird feeder in the yard so bird are usually around so we layer on the snow covered ground by the trees which are about 20ft from the feeder and the birds came over they got as close as 3feet from us in the trees special moment I'm over joyed that I got the chance to have them so close to us and sing for us aswell

    • What a special moment! To spend time with your daughter and to lift Nature's curtain and dwell there intimately with the wee beings, to see and hear them as they go about their lives. 



    • That is a beautiful moment that you cherished with your daughter. More of those would be a blessing to both of you, cherished memories :)

    • Frater John, 

      Lovely and loving moments to share with your daughter and the Natural world.

    • Soror Gail at what age could one join the order if you know?

    • Frater John, 

      Sorry, I'm not up to date on this. Contact membership services. They can tell you if they still have a "child enrichment" program or at what age one must be to join.



    • Thank for the guidance soror Gail pp

  • A thought arises...

    ...that as we work on Unconditional Trust - which translates to Surrender to the Workings and Will of the Cosmic Laws and God of our hearts - Unconditional Love arises as s a "byproduct" and outflowing.


    • I agree with you Gail.

    • Hi Frater George,

      As we on the mystic path know, Unconditional Trust in the Divine is one of the hardest aspects of mysticism, spirituality, and true religion to develop because it requires us to subdue the ego and surrender to the Divine, and embrace the workings of Cosmic Law.

      Your example of Abraham and Isaac may have  been more about a test of Abraham's faith in God and his willingness to obey when approached from a "surface" reading. Yet, when meditated and contemplated, the deeper meaning reveals itself.

      When looking at this story from a metaphoric viewpoint, Abraham's beloved son could be seen as a "personified" aspect of ego; and material things as in the story of Jesus and the rich man. The rich man wanted to follow Jesus, but when he was told to give his wealth to the poor, he was unable to part with it and walked away.

      The lesson in both these stories is one of being able to "give up" something we value.

      In our case, what we are being "asked to give up" is instead a transmutation/surrender of an aspect of the psyche that separates us from a Realization of our true Self. This is what we all struggle with because it's not easy to face our fears of what is as yet Unknown to us.



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