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๐ŸŽ„ Christmas Has a Mystical Meaning

๐ŸŽ„A great article for the month of December can be found in the book - MASTER OF THE ROSE CROSS (link below) - this article by Harvey Spencer Lewis entitled CHRISTMAS HAS A MYSTICAL MEANING (pp 157 - 160) - reminds us that December 25 is not only the birth date of the Master Jesus - but also of many other great saviours of humanity. It is also a day of mystical rebirth and inspiration - a day celebrated around the world - a 'Universal Holy Day.' Additionally during the month of December the Winter Solstice is observed with celebrations such as Yule or Jul - the Druid Nolagh or Noel - and much more.

https://www.rosicrucian.org/rosicrucian-books-master-of-the-rose-crossย (for free PDF or Kindle version)

Following Excerpt From: Master of the Rose Cross - Article: Christmas has a Mystical Meaning

A Day of Importance:

"December 25 is symbolical and has been for many centuries, as indicated in the ancient sacred writings.
Nearly all the nations of the earth in the past, as if by common consent, selected the first minutes after
midnight of December 24 to celebrate the accouchement of the โ€œQueen of Heaven,โ€ the โ€œCelestial Virginโ€ of
the sphere, and the birth of the God Sol."

"In India, this is a period of unusual rejoicing, as will be learned from the Book of Hinduism, by Monier
Williams. It is a religious festival, when they decorate their homes with garlands and emphasize the obligation
to make presents to friends and relatives. This latter feature of the celebration is of very great antiquity."

"In China, for many centuries, religious solemnities have been celebrated at the winter solstice."

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