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What is not known, what is not understood is that the Hebrew alphabet is alive. However, it does not appear to be alive to those who do not understand, to those who are blind, to those that are deaf, to the immature, to the faithless. It is only alive to those who are in lightened, those who have faith, whose faith is deep enough to understand; those who are spiritually mature.


In the beginning there was only Yahweh (YHVH). Then YHVH had a thought. This beginning, the thought was alive. א,was the seed, alive, in its nature to manifest its essence. This power is reflected in nature.  The seed in nature shows us the beginning of all things. God's thought all began with kernel, containing all that was to become; that kernel was א, the beginning.  Aleph was the seed of everything to come. This thought was alive that in the letter that represents it.


Aleph took root, sprouted, expanded, multiplied and gave rise to more life, the other letters the entire alphabet, the Hebrew alphabet. Thus, this alphabet is totally alive, and is the basis for the word of God; the foundation of all manifest. All manifestation is based upon this alphabet; alive, expanding, growing and became everything that is and ever will be.


א, The utterance of the first thought, the proverbial seed.  The seed contained ALL that was to follow.  All that came to be, issued from this seed.  The Hebrew alphabet in its entirety issued from this seed, even א.



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