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A Little Reminder For All Of Us

Rav sat down and started chatting with Merlin as the morning sustenance was being placed on the tabletop. Soon, all talking ceased. Each turned to the plate in front of him or her and focused his or her attention upon enjoying the breakfast foods and drink. Each said a short prayer given them by Rav long ago, “May this food nourish the bodily and mental needs of this creature, aiding it in its progress towards final awakening. May I always remember those not having enough to eat so not to forsake them, but to help them. For whom am I, if not them? So Mote It Be.”

Gabriel Baal'Eyt

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  • My pleasure Fr Mark.  This is from a book in progress called The Purpose Journey.  It is full of pragmatic wisdom and love.

    BWPP, Michael

  • Thank you. 

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