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Poetry and Prose of the Atlantean Inner Circle

Poet or not - This is a place where those who are inclined to poetry or prose can post and share those inspired works with others.  Please take the time to share a poem, a quote, a story,  yours or another's, and/or simply read and enjoy the poetry, etc. posted here - kind comments appreciated.

For many years - Frater Steven Armstrong - encouraged members participating in his online classes - Rosicrucian Digest discussions - teleconferences - etc. to reflect on the study material and come up with an original poem to be shared sometime before the end of the session.  Possibly prior to that another Frater - Dan Reed - also dearly departed - came up with something he called The Atlantean Inner Circle - to gain entrance all one had to do was come up with an original poem or prose - and voila - you were in!!!

Please share an inspired work - poetry or prose - yours or another's - on this Rosicrucian Research Library page - the actual building was where Frater Steven served as Librarian for many years and where Frater Dan spent many an hour - and join the ranks of The Atlantean Inner Circle.

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    • Long stream of consciousness from four years ago

  • When I listen to the 
    Sounds outside,
    The cars in the 
    Distance, People
    Chatting in their
    Living rooms, the

       - That which we don't know whence it comes - 

    I sometimes notice a silence.
    The silence of things which is in 
    Everything. And, with good cheer,
    I continue on with my day.

  • Listen. 

    People have their regrets. Understand
    That they listened to the same air where
    The poppies grow and the bees buzz,
    And where lichen grow undisturbed
    But waiting all the same.

    One day I want to taste the fruit hanging low.

    Who has never
    Wondered for something?
    Who here has never

    Wanted more, Pained
    For the sky where cloulds

    Do nothing,

             wait for nothing, and

                                       Never remember a thing.

  • April: blow forceful air while in warrior pose. 

    April: clap my hands in prayer style.

    April: My golden glitter skirt reflects the light of the hot sun. spinning in the middle of the circle surrounded by playing drummers, my skin feels like fire. 

    April: there the flick of a quick flame, the sounds are heard. Up through the rings like the invisible smoke

    May: my beautiful dream volcano is beginning to fully erupt

    May: ordained stranger man offers me his sacred chalice that's almost full of the blood of Christ. The green grass under my feet, my rose-printed jacket soaked in my stink. As I sweat, I smell of death! Wine is converted to the taste of blood! Drinking blood out in nature. 

    May: my eyes are bloodshot red. I vomit tiny spots of old blood. “Come out, come out, please come out”, I plead! Dragon eyes my soul is almost free! 

    May: a light being appears 

    May/June: the dragon appears. So clear those flaming dragon eyes. The dragon with its bowed head we stare. Sniffed out by this dragon. Don't move, stay still! Let me know who you are! 

    June: dragon flame! Candle flame, mirror flame! Where's the flame I use to see on the top of my head? It's all shown to me! Out of the mirror, a huge fire shaped in the silhouette of a diamond approached me. It enters me. Ah, my new flame! What is going on? I allowed it! A fire grid, is so vivid! 

    June: I continue to wake up at night from what I perceive as the smell of something burning. 

    June: thunder and lightning affecting my electricity transformer box. Boom, lights out! More boom it's beautiful my heart feels alive!

    Weather alert! The northern wildfire is effecting the air I breathe. I watched the video of the wildfire. All my eyes see is the waking of the sleeping dragons.  

    I'm afraid, but what am I afraid of; change? 

    Say yes again, before it sleeps again! 

    The sky is orange, the fire smell is thick! I tried to go outside wearing the mask as recommended. The moon is red! Winds 15 mph. 

     say, ‘Yes’! “Do you accept”! The last time I said, “Yes”, I didn't know what I said, “Yes”, too. But I do remember the change! 

    The weatherman reports haze (it's hazy outside), and sensitive people should stay temporarily inside. 


    oh, please be peaceful with me! Stay with me! My lips are sealed until you give me permission to tell of your words! 


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