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Poetry and Prose of the Atlantean Inner Circle

Poet or not - This is a place where those who are inclined to poetry or prose can post and share those inspired works with others.  Please take the time to share a poem, a quote, a story,  yours or another's, and/or simply read and enjoy the poetry, etc. posted here - kind comments appreciated.

For many years - Frater Steven Armstrong - encouraged members participating in his online classes - Rosicrucian Digest discussions - teleconferences - etc. to reflect on the study material and come up with an original poem to be shared sometime before the end of the session.  Possibly prior to that another Frater - Dan Reed - also dearly departed - came up with something he called The Atlantean Inner Circle - to gain entrance all one had to do was come up with an original poem or prose - and voila - you were in!!!

Please share an inspired work - poetry or prose - yours or another's - on this Rosicrucian Research Library page - the actual building was where Frater Steven served as Librarian for many years and where Frater Dan spent many an hour - and join the ranks of The Atlantean Inner Circle.

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    • “Sun’s blood”... Wow 

      Thanks for sharing! 

    • very happy it resonated!☺️🌞🩸🌹

      😁peace profound!

    • Very interesting Fratre I your depth is felt!!!

    • Depth knows depth fratre Brandon😁🙏🙏🙏

      I appreciate it🌹

    • 🙏 

  • Through the Mud

    Before I knew who I was Mars decided to give me a gift 

    then Mercury came and said let him have wit 

    then Saturn said, "before you have this, you'll go through it" 

    And from the four corners of the universe their forces pressed upon me 

    and as I fought for my freedom I pushed back 

    and in the struggle of opposite forces I defined the dot 

    That which can only come from Man when he accepts his lot 

    so if I may have transgressed before I knew any better 

    may the Lord forgive me for it made me all the better 

    see wisdom is earned through experience 

    and faith only comes from a point of uncertainty 

    So I plead my case to the Most High 

    That I made a decision that I will achieve or I will die 

    and if it is written that I may come back again 

    I will gladly do the work until I have made amends


    • I like it. Thank you.



    • I read it twice! There’s a lot of passion there! 


    • 🌹🤝🧑‍💻 ✍️ 

  • What I tell you in the dark speak into the light 

    my first impressions as a youth were that of rage 

    my mother used to cleanse our house in sage 

    my father was never around 

    so as a little boy, all I knew was to frown 

    if my sister ever needed a thing 

    her baby brother wouldn't hesitate to bring 

    so tell me, why was it that I was given the sight?

    to see through all the chimeras, and make their fight my plight 

    Lord you know how much I try 

    and when I see them suffer I do cry 

    if only they knew the power of their Self 

    the key to all the treasures, wisdom, and wealth 

    I pray to you that you set them free

    so that we may rejoice and honor thee 

    but for now I wait 

    amidst the toil, tension, and hate 

    and maybe if I open up myself 

    they too, can see how wonderful it is the cards we were dealt. 

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