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Poetry and Prose of the Atlantean Inner Circle

Poet or not - This is a place where those who are inclined to poetry or prose can post and share those inspired works with others.  Please take the time to share a poem, a quote, a story,  yours or another's, and/or simply read and enjoy the poetry, etc. posted here - kind comments appreciated.

For many years - Frater Steven Armstrong - encouraged members participating in his online classes - Rosicrucian Digest discussions - teleconferences - etc. to reflect on the study material and come up with an original poem to be shared sometime before the end of the session.  Possibly prior to that another Frater - Dan Reed - also dearly departed - came up with something he called The Atlantean Inner Circle - to gain entrance all one had to do was come up with an original poem or prose - and voila - you were in!!!

Please share an inspired work - poetry or prose - yours or another's - on this Rosicrucian Research Library page - the actual building was where Frater Steven served as Librarian for many years and where Frater Dan spent many an hour - and join the ranks of The Atlantean Inner Circle.

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    • Thank you, but I’m really trying my best not too! 

  • This is the story of a girl...

  • 1 2 buckle my shoe 3 4 shut the door 

  • I tried ... but deleted my words! 

    • Words have some cool tricks try losing your mind sometime

    • You can delete the words but the feelings remain. Let your Soul speak Soror 😊 I can be self conscious of my own work too. Considering my grammar and punctuation is subpar. Yet despite that, what you share will resound and the energy you put into your message will get across. Hope you take pride in it because it is yours and it is great!

    • Thank you! 

    • If at first you don't succeed, shake yourself off and Try again try again -Aaliyah 

      we are waiting 🌹 

    • Thank you! 

  • Like fools with buckets, catching the moons tears; a stars waste...

    Tries to douse the sun, with Root in mouth;

    the calm gray says light is veiled and rituals rise...

    Rage like flames with much to breathe, catching embers like sun's blood; the moons light...

    walk about the square, looking to the point, and walk through glass when we can learn not to break and see through clear walls...

    No drowning lights, to rage and see, hermit mage... rage in place and be, 2, 3...

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