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Poet or not - This is a place where those who are inclined to poetry or prose can post and share those inspired works with others.  Please take the time to share a poem, a quote, a story,  yours or another's, and/or simply read and enjoy the poetry, etc. posted here - kind comments appreciated.

For many years - Frater Steven Armstrong - encouraged members participating in his online classes - Rosicrucian Digest discussions - teleconferences - etc. to reflect on the study material and come up with an original poem to be shared sometime before the end of the session.  Possibly prior to that another Frater - Dan Reed - also dearly departed - came up with something he called The Atlantean Inner Circle - to gain entrance all one had to do was come up with an original poem or prose - and voila - you were in!!!

Please share an inspired work - poetry or prose - yours or another's - on this Rosicrucian Research Library page - the actual building was where Frater Steven served as Librarian for many years and where Frater Dan spent many an hour - and join the ranks of The Atlantean Inner Circle.

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  • “The Emperor has therefore renounced movement by means of his legs and action by means of his arms. At the same time, he wears a large and heavy crown—and we have already meditated on the meaning of the crown with regard to that of the Empress, which has a double meaning. It is the sign of legitimacy, on the one hand, but it is also the sign of a task or a mission by which the crown is charged from above. Thus every crown is essentially a crown of thorns. Not only is it heavy, but also it calls for a painful restraint with regard to the thought and free or arbitrary imagination of the personality. It certainly emits rays outwards, but these same rays become thorns for the personality within. They play the role of nails piercing and crucifying each thought or image of the personal imagination. Here true thought receives confirmation and subsequent illumination; false or irrelevant thought is riveted and reduced to impotence. The crown of the Emperor signifies the renunciation of freedom of intellectual movement, just as his arms and legs signify his renunciation of freedom of action and movement. He is deprived of the three so-called “natural” liberties of the human being—those of opinion, word and movement. Authority demands this. But this is not all. The shield bearing an eagle rests on the ground at his side. The Emperor does not hold it with his hand, as the Empress does. The shield is certainly there, but it belongs rather to the throne than to the person of the Emperor. This means to say that the purpose for which the Emperor is on sentry-duty is not his but that of the throne. The Emperor does not have a personal mission; he has renounced this in favour of the throne. Or, in esoteric terms, he has no name; he is anonymous, because the name—the mission—belongs to the throne. He is not there in his own name but rather in the name of the throne. This is the fourth renunciation of the emperor—the renunciation of a personal mission or a name, in the esoteric meaning of the word.”

    — Meditations on the Tarot: A Journey into Christian Hermeticism by Anonymous

    • Prison Mind and Restoration of Freedom

      "...never God who is tempting him,...Temptation is the pool of man's own evil thoughts and wishes (by Flowers in the attic)." 


      "...nor Lucifer have ever deprived anyone of his freedom. Temptation ...this presupposes the freedom of he who is tempted .... One need not fear the devil, but rather the perverse tendencies in oneself! (meditation on the tarot, chapter on empress)". 

      That is what is in the temptation our own creation or own creating of "evil spirits" our own "fixed ideas" which being about "doubt, fear, hate, apathy, and despair" (meditation on the tarot). Those effects are personal as the focus is on SELF. 

      Don't be afraid, these are the effects of a prison mind once restore they are gone and innocence can be preserved. Be patient the Divine is near! We can pray for the good of others instead of ourselves. That would take away the focus on SELF so when temptation tries to present itself or is presented we can realize we are only attacking or pleasing ourself. 

      "...and leads us not into temptation but deliver us from evil... (Lord's prayer)."

    • The synchronicity here is astounding and I agree with your view on this. Of course, MoT comes through with some profound insight as well! 

      Another really good letter on this topic is Arcana 15, the devil. It was so helpful in bringing me peace from my own thoughts. Despite reading these lessons, it seems like life has a funny way of making you forget these things when you are in the depths of "the wilderness". 🌹

    • Thanks, will read it! I was reading a few pages on force. It takes me a while to get threw a few pages as I have to read it really slow as it keeps filling my mind with moving pictures. 


    • Same here! Force is another great one. The letter on Force answered so many questions I had about my self and how I have interacted with others. Especially the analogy used regarding the lion obeying its natural instinct. 

    • Thank you for mentioning this book!!!! 

      I would have not known of this book if it weren't for your talent!!! 



    • Oops some errors ... which brings not which being, accessing/tapping into the Divine is near 

      if it doesn't make sense , sorry, just trying. 

      Let's pray for each other! 

      have an amazing inspiring day. 

    • 🌹 ✝️

    • 🙏🏽🌹

    • Astonishing and alarming at the same time! 



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