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"The Rosicrucian egregore is the cosmic energy field to which all Rosicrucians have access because of our affiliation with AMORC."

Many times the question is asked about the 'egregore' and what it is. There is a short explanatory article with photos f

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5 Replies · Reply by Kathy Moore May 30

Egyptian Decans


I am learning positional astronomy to understand astrology.


Re the Egyptian decans, can it be said that the Egyptians (Before the time of Alexander the Great) divided the Zodiac Belt into 36 segments of ten degrees each?


And, that a given day of t

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3 Replies · Reply by Zachariel Jan 27, 2021


I want to thank Frater Luke for bringing up the subject of alchemy and starting such a spirited discussion. 

 I would like to continue that discussion in its own thread if I may.  There’s definitely a lot of library research being done on it. This wou

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26 Replies · Reply by Stephanie Dewitt Jul 15, 2019

Egyptian Temples

I am researching and in thoughts so will ask here too, what would be the best book with great color photos of what an ancient Egyptian Temple of Worship would look like on the inside. What did the pillars look like? There is so much out there that my

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