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💖 Love and Thanksgiving

 Love and Thanksgiving is the title of an article in the book (see pp. 336-7) - Master of the Rose Cross - A Collection of Essays by and about Harvey Spencer Lewis - and begins thusly:

 ALTHOUGH LOVE may be humanly expressed and humanly centered, it i

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To our Imperator.

To Our Most, Most Venerable Imperator Claudio Mazzucco, fraternal best wishes at the time of the Rosicrucian New Year R+C 3376 11000360868?profile=RESIZE_710x11000361252?profile=RESIZE_710xand year long as you work in conjunction with all the Grand Masters and all working at the Supreme and Grand Lodge levels i

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Rosi-croix university

I was reading the rosicrucian manual by spencer lewisl in adition to the monographs and came about a section that speaks about the rosi-croix university and my attention was peaked, im wondering if anyone can tell me more or put me on to any thing th

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Even Outer is Inner

Frater Edgar Wirt elucidated many subjects over the years in AMORC periodicals through a clear thinking approach. In this article the consideration of inner phenomenon is extended into the objective phase of reality. Do you agree with this perspectiv

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Numbers For Fun

Its time for another discussion topic with any and all numbers the focus.


The Kabbalah - Sacred Geometry - Gematria - Numerology - the Fibonacci Sequence - Number Theory - the Polarity of Odd/Even Numbers - the sky's the limit!!!


Numbers can be Sacre

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Burned-over District of NY

"The burned-over district was the religious scene in the western and central regions of New York in the early 19th century, where religious revivals and Pentecostal movements of the Second Great Awakening took place."


"When religion is related to ref

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