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  • .....and now there will be a Labyrinth at Rosicrucian Park!!!

  • Perhaps a bit more dufficult while being chased by a monster.
  • Hi Fr. Neal,

    Since you were the initiator of this discussion, I was going to ask what the symbols mean to you - and before I had that chance - your comment was here. Congratulations on your Initiation into the Third Atrium.

    Loved your observation: "It's not that I need synchronicities like this to believe in what I'm doing on this Path, but in times like this, the Veil of Isis flutters in the Cosmic Wind, and I can see that walking all the twists and turns of the Labyrinth is an Ultimately Divine Path, a Sure Path, that will lead me to the Fullness of Experience, Gnosis, and The Absolute." Possibly the following can offer some more 'words of guidance':

    "In folklore, across the world, it is said that the soul travels in a straight line. A labyrinth, however, is anything but straight and it was therefore said that a labyrinth could both catch the soul and keep it in one location, or instead create a void, in which the person visiting the centre, will be “clean” of any outside spiritual influences, as these energies cannot penetrate. No wonder therefore that some see the centre of a labyrinth as a point outside of time, an observation which was recognised by the Hopi of North America, who use the labyrinth shape as the symbol of a place of emergence, where access to this – and other – realms becomes possible: a sacred space that creates a gateway through time, to communicate with the Creator God." (Source: Philipcoppens.com)

    Sr. Kathy

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  • Kathy,

    I'm so sorry your comment got deleted! That's a bit discouraging, because I'm sure you put a lot of energy and focus into writing it. But I want to assure you that your comment which has been posted is very enlightening.

    You know how as you go along this mystic journey, your Soul tends to lead and guide you into certain sections of the labyrinth? We buzz and bumble towards the scent of the Rose, and as we do, certain themes, knowledge, tests, and trials confront us. I'm certain my curiosity towards the labyrinth has something to do with where I am currently on the Path. Last Thursday, I was initiated into the Third Atrium. I was informed that this Atrium is going to place me in contact with my Soul, and that this would be the overarching theme of the Atrium. I had started this discussion about the Labyrinth a few days BEFORE the Initiation, but when I started it, it was with this specific theme in my mind and heart - killing the Minotaur of of my animal-headed passions and ego, and identifying the newfound Soul as the ruler and Loving Guide at the Center of my being.

    It's remarkably humbling to take note of how inner currents seek expression. It's thrilling to know that SOMETHING really has picked me up in its hidden current of thought and unfolding, and is guiding me along some focused path towards some Divine Cosmic manifestation. Little occurrences like starting this discussion, and then going through the Third Atrium Initiation, and then realizing that they are in attunement with one another -- things like this reveal that all this IS REAL. It's not that I need synchronicities like this to believe in what I'm doing on this Path, but in times like this, the Veil of Isis flutters in the Cosmic Wind, and I can see that walking all the twists and turns of the Labyrinth is an Ultimately Divine Path, a Sure Path, that will lead me to the Fullness of Experience, Gnosis, and The Absolute.

    Thank you all for your participation. Together we walk, yelling words of guidance over the walls of the Labyrinth.


    Frater Neal

  • Hi Neal and All,


    Just lost my comment and will have to try to remember what I said - oh this internet - bane of the computer illiterate!

    I did thank you for starting this discussion - which has given me much thought provoking insight into the labyrinth, its meaning(s) and origins - that after doing many google searches.  The Greek myth seems to be the only one that places the Minotaur (bull/Taurus) at the center of the labyrinth - and I wonder if its killing is representative of the death of the ego - necessary for that sought after mystical experience to bring us to a state of enlightenment.  Maybe Fr. David can tell us more.  Sr. Stephanie's reference to the constellation Taurus most likely would refer to Mithraism - where the Tauroctony or the ritual slaying of the bull (Taurus) by Mithras happens - see the Rosicrucian Digest "The Mithraic Mysteries" for more on this ancient religion and precession of the equinoxes:  http://www.rosicrucian.org/publications/digest/digest2_2010/table_o...


    Most of what I thought I knew about the labyrinth was in its modern day usage - a spiritual tool for walking in a meditative state to bring on healing, self-knowledge, or to receive Divine guidance, etc.   There is a movement to establish labyrinths in places worldwide - such as churches, community centers, parks, airports, etc., to make the labyrinth available for use by any and all in times of need (the labyrinth is considered a non-denominational tool).  There is a labyrinth in San Jose, Ca - near the Rosicrucian Park - one of those hidden-in-plain-sight secrets (thanks Diana for telling us about it) - and there might even be one near you if you query the labyrinthlocator.com to find it.   


    The reference to 'honey' and the 'labyrinth' as found in this Wikipedia data seems in keeping with the meaning of the Dat Rosa symbol too:

    "Greek mythology did not recall, however, that in Crete there was a Lady or mistress who presided over the Labyrinth, although the goddess of mysteries of Arcadian cults was called Despoine (miss). A tablet inscribed in Linear B found at Knossos records a gift "to all the gods honey; to the mistress of the labyrinth honey." All the gods together receive as much honey as the Mistress of the Labyrinth alone. The Mycenean Greek word is potnia. "She must have been a Great Goddess," Kerényi observes. It is possible that the Cretan labyrinth and the Lady were connected with a cult which was transmitted later to the Eleusinian mysteries."




  • Wow David. Just the picture of the Labyrinth, with Theseus wrestling the Minotaur meant something very profound to me. But knowing more of the details really adds some beautiful color to the esoteric intricacies of this Symbol. Thank you! I really want to know more about this story now!

  • The Labyrinth - the illusive depths of the collective unconscious mind. The Thread - that link we need to keep with our reality world, when going in to conquer our demons, less we get lost in there and lose our sanity. The slim thread between sanity and insanity. The Minotaur - our individual beast that devours our spiritual progress and hinders us from beholding the greater light. The destroyer of light Voldemort, the great dragon, the king of the bottomless pit, the great deceiver. For the Hindus Ravana, Mahishasura, Kalinga know by many names but very deceptive.

    I've been around for a long, long year
    Stole many a man's soul and faith Pleased to meet you ............14 symbolized spiritual attainment
    Hope you guess my name
    But what's puzzling you
    Is the nature of my game......................He deceives you in the Labyrinth of the mind

    As heads is tails
    Just call me Lucifer
    'Cause I'm in need of some restraint.

    More Later.

  • In order to delve into the esoteric meaning of this story, I hereby present a concise version of it. Note this mythology is far more detailed than this and there is a before and after. Please be encourage to explore this story from books and online sources for every intricate detail has deep and profound meaning.

    Theseus is a valiant hero who has fought in various battles. One day he finds out that every 9 years he must send seven young men and women to the Labyrinth in Crete to be sacrificed to the sinister Minotaur. Disgusted by the event, Theseus decides he must kill the Minotaur himself to stop the treachery so he takes the places as on of the victims and goes to Crete to slay the Minotaur. While in Crete, he meets Araidne. Araidne falls in love with Theseus. Fearing for his safety, Araidne goes to Daedalus and asks him to tell her the secret to escape the Labyrinth. Daedalus tells her the only way to escape the Labyrinth is to take a ball of thread, tie it to the entrance of the Labyrinth and unwind it as one goes through the Labyrinth. With this knowledge, Araidne thanks him and immediately tells Theseus the secret. With his ball of thread in hand, he enters the Labyrinth and finds the Minotaur. He wrestles him to the ground and stabs him with his horn. In other versions, he stabs him to death or simple beats him to death. After slaying the beast, he escapes the Labyrinth, along with the other victims, and sails away with Araidne, who he later abandons on an island.

  • Note that the labyrinth is not a maze but a path that continues to move forward in a precise pattern and leads to a single outcome.
  • If you don't mind Stephanie, I'd love to extract some more meaning out of your statement. What does "Moving out of Taurus" symbolize personally, collectively, Universally? Any thoughts? I mean, slaying the Minotaur would definitely indicate an interpretation like yours. But why the Labyrinth? How does that work in?

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